Starting My Pittsburgh Business Experience – In Virginia

My name is Samuel K Richardson. I am from Arlington, Virginia, which is right outside of Washington D.C. I am an incoming freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, interested in majoring in Business Information Systems, and possibly a minor in Film Studies or Economics. I went to Yorktown High School and played football all four years there. I enjoy watching as well as playing football and basketball, and hope to get involved with some of the club sports options offered at Pitt. I was a part of the National Honor Society, Red Cross club, and Future Business Leaders of America club. I spent a lot of time at my church growing up, and that helped grow a love for volunteer work and helping those in need. When I got older, I was able to be a part of the church council and give my input on issues that arose within the church. I especially loved going on the week-long mission trips the church took every summer to Garrett County, Maryland, where we would renovate the homes of the less fortunate. Those experiences taught me a lot about patience, teamwork, and carpentry. Taking two dozen youth to the more rural parts of the country while free from technology allowed us to grow closer together, and I made some everlasting bonds on those trips. I was also able to take part in the theatrical production my church performs every year. It made me appreciate theater all the more, and get a glimpse at how much work is put into a production. At Pitt, I want to get involved as much as I can outside the classroom. I plan to join clubs such as Sports Business Association in order to surround myself with like-minded people so we can push ourselves to be the best we can. Being located in a city, Pitt offers many opportunities. I am excited to be able to get to campus and to take advantage of all the possibilities presented to me. I am not sure whether or not I want to join a fraternity, but I do like the additional connections one gets when joining one.

My first real experience with working in business came from an internship I did with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce the summer before my senior year. It helped me realize how important networking and maintaining relationships were to succeed in the world of business. I quickly adjusted to the nine to five schedule of work, and was surprised at how much I could accomplish in a day. The internship really helped me appreciate the variance of a day’s work in business, as well as being able to connect with others. I went to a luncheon where members of various local businesses got together to discuss work, their lives, and the future. I learned business can be so much more than just work when you are able to connect and speak with others constantly.

Earlier this year, I was notified of my admission to the Pitt Business Honors Program. I was very proud of the extra work I had put into high school paying off, and allowing me to explore opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. It allowed me to sign up for the four week Haller Global Honors Fellowship through Pitt Business. I would get an opportunity to live at Pitt early, as well as visit Dublin and gain some experience in international business. Unfortunately the COVID-19 outbreak constricted the program to only two weeks, and to completely virtual. I am disappointed in not being able to meet the other members and the faculty in person. Nevertheless, I am excited to meet the Pitt faculty early and be able to get a headstart in the world of international business, as well as gain some experience in the field of consulting. There are some obstacles presented due to the difference in culture, but I love problem solving. I am looking forward to getting to know a few of my peers and to work with them during this time. I also want to be able to learn from professionals excelling in their fields during this experience, and I want to pick up all I can to gain an edge and succeed in my career. Having connections is very important, and being introduced to these high level executives could help me in the future.

I can’t wait to keep learning during the rest of this program, and can’t wait to get to the Pittsburgh campus in the fall. Hail to Pitt!