Last Blog for the Haller Fellowship

Here we are, with the last blog for this program. However, its only fitting that I am starting this blog after getting a flat tire coming out of a Walmart during a Thunderstorm. I guess thats 2020 for you. I think we should start at the beginning of the fellowship. My early expectations for the Haller honors Fellowship were that it was going to be a hard, challenging experience, but we would learn a lot. I honestly had no idea on what type of project we would be doing or who would be talking to us. All I knew was that it was remote and we were dealing with an  Ireland client. I was surprised however, by how many different and diverse events we had the opportunity to attend virtually. It was a real honor to talk to different Pitt alums and see how their experience at Pitt shaped their career. It was also a privilege to get to learn what Pitt has to offer from the leaders of those programs. The presenters on Pitt’s individual programs gave invaluable guidance on how to maximize our Pitt experience which  I will start implementing during my freshman year. I also enjoyed learning from other businessmen who gave us their wisdom and knowledge that helped us in the project. The lesson and knowledge they gave me will be something I will use in my undergraduate studies as well as my career.  The project itself was a challenge for me though. The problem was that I was heavily involved with my Model United Nations Club in High School, and in Model UN you write directives and or resolutions to various world problems. The thing is that there is no real-life client in Model Un so we don’t have to worry about how we present our ideas because no one is impacted by our suggestions. In Model UN, we were allowed to give broad suggestions on these guidelines as our ideas would never actually be acted on. So it took a long time for me to get in the mindset that this project is for an actual person whose life is affected by my work. It does really makes our work rewarding because unlike Model UN our work during these last two week might actually be used. It took me probably until the last day to truly understand that fact. Therefore, I had to make major edits to my paper late into the night this Thursday. However, It was very rewarding for me to see my finished project after I revised it from Thursday night to Friday morning. It took a lot of effort, but after seeing my finished project after I spent so much time revising it. It was really satisfying to see the finished project. In conclusion, I would like to talk about my personal growth throughout the project. I want to wrap up by saying I truly enjoyed my Haller’s experience even though I was disappointed we didn’t visit Ireland this experience been extremely valuable. I lastly want to thank Mr. Tony and Dr. Jones for all the work they put into this program for us.