My Remote Global Internship Experience: The Finale

I just want to start this blog post by apologizing for the late post! Hectic last week of work with the internship and the accompanying course, both of which have had an amazing impact on me. These past six weeks have given me a great opportunity to grow as a communicator and collaborator, especially in a global setting. Being able to work with people of various backgrounds and cultures offered me much more education on how to work with those whose perspectives are immensely different. I listened to input and it allowed me to change my perspective and improve on my ability to offer new ideas to the team. I was nervous when I first moved forward with this opportunity because I had little information to start with, and did not know if the initial work was what the company (Andiron Group, Sydney) wanted from me. As I moved forward, I realized that it was acceptable to reach out and ask many questions. One lesson I learned is that I should never be afraid to ask any question because all it can do is give me more information, make my assignment clearer, and will lead to a better result. I was also nervous about how the time difference would affect my work and schedule, but it was easy to adapt to the new environment once starting meetings at 6 PM started to become regular.

I believe, as a finance major, I was able to add very much to the marketing/growth tactics for one of the company’s clients. Andiron’s business model owns equity in their clients, and it stresses the importance of growth in their clients, as this is how they earn their revenue. Through what I learned in school about industry analysis and my knowledge of the importance of all stakeholders, I was able to come up with new ideas for the team that they had not thought of before, through hours of research and organization. The amount of virtual communication and teamwork that was done in this tenure was very beneficial for me and great practice for the future that is sure to come, especially now in the virtual times of this pandemic. I can bring this ability to work strongly with a team to the classroom and my future place of employment. Being able to collaborate with anyone is a strong skill that can advance my goals if I can take in other perspectives and become better because of it. As previously mentioned, this experience has strengthened my communication skills, as well as my time management skills. I was able to plan forward and meet all the dates for my assignments, as well as get ahead in some aspects.

I think that the hardest thing was asking questions. Initially, the questions I was asking were quite broad and I did not understand the assignment from the beginning. I’m glad I overcame this challenge and reached out more to the team as time moved on. Also, I improved my ability to share my ideas within a larger group of people. It was important that I was not shy and put my thoughts out to the group so it could develop with other minds who will make it better and more cohesive. My greatest accomplishment was coming up with an idea for their client, an idea that would increase their growth prospects by introducing a single word into their marketing campaign that has been insinuated through their descriptions but never mentioned. That word is “curation” and I think that it is a great step for the client to undertake a new growth campaign. I also led the Legacy Notes document assignment where we offered steps for conducting research and general advice for Andiron’s incoming future interns. Creating that and knowing that I am going to help someone down the road with the work I had done without guidance feels rewarding to me. I am happy that I had this experience, and it will make me a better team-member and approachable colleague for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. I hope you enjoyed and learned something about my time remotely interning for Andiron Group!