A Local, but International Experience

Hi everyone! My name is Madison Milan, and I am a junior who transferred to the College of Business Administration at the start of this school year. I am now pursuing a double-major in Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems, with a minor in Economics.

I was born and raised in the South Side Flats of Pittsburgh, which was an interesting experience if you know the area’s reputation. The lack of yard space and many other families living there was quite different from most of my friends’ neighborhoods, but I grew to love the easy access we had to nearly every part of the city. One of my favorite things about the Flats is the sheer number of things to do, including shops, restaurants, and river-side trails. In my free time (mostly during the summer, while I’m at home) I love to walk along the trails, finding new hidden spots near the river, and taking pictures with my phone or Nikon camera. Outside of school, photography and ceramics are my favorite mediums of art, and I try to do them as much as I can! I also love to travel, and have been lucky enough to visit Costa Rica, Canada, Portugal, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The picture I’ve included is from Aveiro, Portugal, when my best friend and I went on a very cool barco moliceiro ride (think a small boat, similar to Italian gondolas). Many of these trips were for fun, taken with friends, and I hope to be able to add to this list throughout my career!

As a naturally indecisive and sometimes overly thoughtful person, choosing a career as well as an academic path and major, was a struggle that took up much of my time during my first two years of college in Dietrich Arts and Sciences. I knew what I did not want more than what I did, and was considering everything from computer to neuroscience, until a Google search on “jobs that travel”. Consulting was a frequent one, although when I first started researching it, it seemed too good to be true. A career where you can go around the world, helping people and their companies function better, solving problems daily? I felt immediately that this was the right path for me, and quickly applied to the CBA. By the fall, I was here, finally choosing a double-major and ready to be immersed in my new school.

I joined the Women in Business, Society for International Business, and the Consulting Academy as soon as I could. These organizations were not only great resources and for me and my goals, but have helped me become exposed to critical opportunities, such as networking. They are also a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new people! I have been able to secure a position as one of the Co-Directors of Development in the Consulting Academy, which I am very passionate and happy about, as I know it will help me become even more immersed in the consulting field. My position is mainly focused on helping students become familiar with the recruitment timeline as well as case interviews. I was pleased to see that my fellow Co-Director, Oscar Hung, is also in my group for the International Consulting Project!

To further this, I was lucky enough to join the student-run Incline Consulting Group, which provides pro-bono consulting to local non-profits. I am on a project with a community-serving organization this semester, which I know will not only give me invaluable experience, but also much-needed aid to the company. Our goals for the semester are to help the company secure invaluable funding through grants and scholarships that align with their goals, as well as standardize their internal operations, including more professional correspondence documents and updating their newsletter. If you think you would like to be apart of the Group, please reach out, as we are actively recruiting for the Fall semester right now!

The next step in pursuing my goals as well as my interests was presented in the opportunity to apply for the International Consulting Projects. It is quite literally the perfect fit, as I aspire to be a traveling consultant one day, aiding international clients. While I wish we could be on a trip to the beautiful Cochabamba, Bolivia, I take pride in the fact that we will still be able to help a non-profit while being all the way in Pittsburgh. The experience will no doubt be an asset to both me and CEOLI, which is a community serving foundation that aids children and young adults with disabilities. Our main goals are to put together an art show, as well as aid in finding grants and funding. My middle and high-school years have set me up well for the project, as I was an art “major” for 7 years and am very excited to be able to incorporate this passion into my current work. We hope to help with all aspects of the event, including planning, logistics, marketing, funding, securing a venue, and budgeting. The show will not only provide the organization with increased community-outreach but will be able to give them much-needed donations and funding as well.

Continuing the work of past project teams, we also hope to help CEOLI search and apply for grants, which will no doubt open them up to new opportunities and aid them in day-to-day operations. Not only can I be sure that we will be able to create positive change in Cochabamba, I know that this experience will also be an asset to me as I attempt to enter the consulting field. Competition is tight and interest in the field is growing, so I am really thankful to have this opportunity where we are able to help a real-world client, who can really benefit from our skills and expertise. I also hope to visit Bolivia one day and see in-person the wonderful country that our client contact, Jean Carla Costas, has been so kind to tell us about!