International Consulting from the Comfort of Home

Hello! My name is Libby Jungo. I grew up forty minutes south of Pittsburgh in Washington, PA, and I graduated from Trinity High School in May 2017. After high school, I took a gap year to fully recover from a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis. After my chemotherapy treatments concluded, I took a few courses at the Community College of Allegheny County before I started college the following year at the University of Pittsburgh. In August 2018, I became a freshman at Pitt as an undecided major. After taking a business calculus course my first semester, I decided to apply to Pitt Business to major in marketing. There were many attributes that attracted me to apply to Pitt Business, but what really stood out to me was how well rounded and successful students that graduated from CBA are. I joined the CBA family my second semester here at Pitt and felt right at home. I am now into my junior year, and I am pursuing a marketing major and a certificate in leadership and ethics. During my freshman year, I joined a sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. My sophomore year, I served on our chapter council as the alumni chair and as a member on the event committee. Currently, I serve as the president of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Since joining this organization two years ago, I have been able to learn a lot about myself personally and as a leader. 

Growing up, I was raised in a rural setting, so coming to the city for college was a huge change for me. At home, I enjoy spending time with my family and my pets. I have a sister who is five years older than me. She is halfway through the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Dayton. Despite our age gap, my sister and I are very close. When we are not planning her wedding that is coming up this July, we love going on road trips together, playing tennis, or even just walking our dogs around our farm. My parents have two crazy Weimaraners, Gunther and Murphy, that love being spoiled and receiving all the attention they can get. Typically in the summer, my family enjoys spending the weekend out on the lake in our boat. It is always fun to go tubing or just float around and enjoy each other’s company.

Currently, I work as a student equipment manager for the University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department. In my current role, I allocate sporting equipment to coaches and players using JumpForward and FrontRush inventory management software programs. I create and organize return statements for the overstock inventory in the equipment room using Nike Game Day software. Additionally, I support the equipment managers with sports uniform maintenance, and I preform frequent inventory checks on all equipment to produce accurate reports. Before being a student equipment manager, I held positions in the retail and customer service industries. I am excited to say that I have accepted a role with Amazon this summer for their Area Manager Intern position. Moving forward, I hope to find a career in business development or consulting for nonprofit organizations. 

This semester I am thrilled to be a part of the Global Service Learning program in Trinidad and Tobago. My team will be working with two clients, NatureSeekers and DORCAS Women’s Group. NatureSeekers is a nonprofit community-based organization seeking to protect the sea turtle population from poaching and slaughtering on the Matura beach via hands-on conservation efforts. Our other client, DORCAS Women’s Group, aims to foster a community to provide development activities specifically aimed at “improving life and restoring hope in the community,” mainly focusing on the youth. Our objective this semester will be developing a feasibility plan for a longer-term partnership with NatureSeekers and DORCAS Women’s Group. Additionally, we will be providing NatureSeekers with marketing consulting by helping to improve their social media campaigns, web design, and marketing. This whole project has been made possible through our partnership with Amizade. Amizade is a fair-trade learning organization and their objectives are to link different communities from around the world and act as a liaison between them. 

Personally, by participating in this program I hope to gain knowledge and open my mind to new ways of thinking. I have never taken an international class or worked on an international consulting project, so I am hoping to challenge my mind to work outside of the box and gain new business experience. I believe that this program will help me develop into a more well-rounded business student. Academically speaking, as a CPLE student, this program integrates into my academic experience because it will count towards an elective credit that I have to complete for the CPLE program. As a marketing major, this program integrates into my academic experience by letting me use what I have learned in the classroom my past 5 semesters in a real-world consulting project. This program will give me experience in international consulting that I cannot get anywhere else in Pitt Business. I also have an interest in studying abroad, but I am not sure if I would be able to take a whole semester abroad. In order to fulfill my want for an academic international experience, this international consulting project will help me achieve just that. Professionally speaking, I chose this program because upon graduating, I hope to find myself working for a consulting firm or for a non-profit organization. Either way, the international consulting project will help my resume standout by adding immeasurable real life work experience to my portfolio. This project will also give me experiences to talk about in interviews by opening my eyes to a whole new world of business. Naturally as a business student, I love to network. I believe this project will help me network by working in groups with people whom I have never worked with or even met before and expand my book of contacts internationally. This program also integrates into my academic experience because it will count as an elective towards CPLE completion. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog. Be sure to check back throughout the semester for updates!