International Consulting Project: Germany (but from Zoom!)

Hello! My name is David Kritzik, and I am originally from San Diego, California, but now I’m here in Pittsburgh. Currently, I am a junior in Pitt Business majoring in Business Information Systems and Marketing with a certificate in Digital Media. This semester I will be a part of the International Consulting Projects program. Specifically, I will be working with a German start-up called Possehl Online Solutions. I am looking forward to growing and developing my professional skills this semester, and I’m excited for what the future holds!

The International Consulting Projects program will be the third international experience I have taken part of since coming to the University of Pittsburgh. Moreover, Possehl Online Solutions will be the second startup I have worked for. During one of my previous international experiences in the summer of 2019, I interned in Tel Aviv, Israel with a logistics startup called Bringoz. My other international experiences include remotely interning for Prodigio Divino, a small winery in Tuscany, Italy, and being a part of the Global Service Learning: Bolivia consulting project last spring. All three of these experiences have provided me with valuable skills and knowledge that I am ready to utilize this semester. I also have some marketing specific consulting experience as well. Last semester I worked with FOX Bet as a marketing consultant as part of the Projects in Marketing course.

Outside of the classroom and my previous internships, I am heavily involved in Phi Beta Lambda, a professional business organization here at the University of Pittsburgh. I previously held the position of Vice President of Public Relations during the 2019 – 2020 academic year. As Vice President of Public Relations, I worked to strengthen the reputation of Phi Beta Lambda, both internally and externally. I aided with recruitment, designed apparel, and helped create our semesterly newsletter, the Eagle. Being on the Leadership Team in Phi Beta Lambda as well as other previous team projects has provided me with the necessary teamwork skills to be successful in this project. We have a very bright and hardworking team and I’m looking forward to continuing my work with them.

Possehl Online Solutions is a startup which provides B2B marketplace, brand shops, and consulting services. Our goal is to provide international marketing advice to Possehl Online Solutions. Specifically, Possehl Online Solutions wants us to research new countries to target as well as their competition and develop a strategy for market entry. These goals really piqued my interest because they are quite open ended. There are a variety of paths we can take with each objective and I’m excited to continue our research and discovery to narrow down those paths. Being able to meet with the CEO of Possehl Online Solutions, Alexander Wachter, will be a great benefit to us as we work on developing our scope of work and deliverables.

As previously mentioned, I have a wide variety of international, marketing, and consulting experiences, so this course seemed to fit perfectly with my interests. Furthermore, as you may recall, I took a similar course during the Spring of 2020 in which I acted as a student consultant for a Bolivian non-profit called CEOLI. Due to COVID-19 we were unable to travel to Bolivia, but the course and project were still extremely rewarding. I would expect this course to be run similarly, so I’m looking forwards to another fantastic learning and growth opportunity. Specifically, I have a few goals I want to achieve aside from the project objectives. For starters, I want to work on becoming a stronger and more confident leader. Working with a group is a fantastic way to achieve this because I will be able to observe how my fellow group members work with each other and I can determine the best practices for organizing our project and for any future projects I will undertake. Next, I want to continue broadening my horizons. While we won’t actually be traveling to Germany, working remotely with Possehl Online Solutions will still provide substantial insight into the culture and business climate in Germany. This type of experience is hard to acquire in the typical classroom setting and this is one of the reasons why I am so excited to be a part of this course.

I also have a few personal goals I would like to achieve as well. One of these is to continue working on design. I really enjoy creating advertisements or any other type of image and I hope this course provides me with some opportunities to continue developing those skills. Whether it is helping redesign Possehl’s website, thinking of a new logo, or designing mock social media posts, I really enjoy any opportunity to let my creative side out. Another goal I have is to be more proactive and avoid procrastination. I have observed myself pushing off work and leaving myself with little time before deadlines previously and my goal is to not let that happen this semester, and in this course specifically. I plan on achieving this goal by proactively scheduling meetings with my group, consistently working on our deliverables throughout the semester, and being transparent with my group so they can help me if I am ever falling behind on my work.

Overall, I am optimistic about the direction of this project and I can already tell it will be a fantastic course and professional experience. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I will strive to get the most out of it and benefit Possehl Online Solutions to the best of my ability. Auf Wiedersehen!