The World of Digital Marketing

Today, I started my internship at the Irish Academy of Public Relations as a Social Media intern. I was introduced to their material and some upcoming goals regarding social media. The Irish Academy of Public Relations is a private college that focuses on teaching communications skills to a worldwide audience of students. They offer courses in public relations, print and multimedia journalism, news reporting, content creation and more. However, I will be specifically working in the field of digital marketing with my role as the social media intern. Digital Marketing is a fast growing industry in which companies use online based digital technologies to promote their businesses and products.

Digital Marketing is directly related to the larger industry of Public Relations. Public Relations is all about creating an image for a company or organization. This includes perception on social media platforms. There are a variety of skills and strengths that would help one succeed in this area. I believe one of the most important general skills is the ability to adapt and keep up with current trends. The digital word is dynamic and constantly on the move. In order for your content to be relatable and effective, it must be relevant to the current trends. As of right now, video is huge when it comes to grabbing a viewer’s attention. Having knowledge in video editing and softwares such as Adobe Premiere would provide great strength in this field.

Effective content creation/graphic design is also necessary for this industry. Content is the core of digital marketing. This goes hand in hand with data and analytics. The first step is to develop a plan and highlight goals you wish to achieve. In response to these goals, you can create an effective social media strategy. The strategy will help lead to what specific content needs to be created. Content will vary based on message, target audience, and platform. Knowing the platform you are using is also extremely important if you want your content to perform well. After all, the main goal is to make sure your content is reaching your target audience and is effective in promoting your business! The algorithms and marketing styles of Facebook, Instagram, and all other platforms are changing all the time. Once again, the ability to adapt comes into play. A successful digital marketer must always be up to date and ready to face changes.

A lot of Digital Marketing is learned by experimenting. Finding what works for your brand and what doesn’t is an important process. It is different for everyone! Luckily, there are so many excellent tools at our disposal. Canva, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics are just a few examples. Knowledge of these platforms is necessary to be successful in the digital world. These tools have made content creation and marketing fun, easy, and accessible to everyone. I was relieved to learn that these are the same tools used in Ireland. It is a true showcase of just how accessible these platforms are. Finding what resources are available and taking advantage of them is another great skill to have – they are there for a reason! Digital marketing is all about patience, trial and error, and learning. Like I said earlier, the ability to adapt is essential. Everyday in this industry is a new journey, that is part of what makes it so appealing. You are constantly learning!

Public Relations and Communications are large, growing industries in Dublin. What I love about the Irish Academy of Public Relations is that they have a large international audience. Their courses are available in over 50 different countries. Though it is important to have knowledge of public relations in Ireland specifically, their audience extends much further than that. Their social media should be very inclusive and clear. I know one of the companies main goals is to extend their influence outside of just Ireland. Social media is a great way to kick start this! It has been emphasized time and time again, but the power the internet holds is just incredible. A great example is just how we are all participating in these international internships! The internet and social media has opened so many doors and allows individuals to connect all around the world personally and professionally.