My Virtual Experience In London

Hi everyone! My name is Maya Tolerico and I will be a Junior this fall of 2021 in the College of Business Administration. I am currently a declared Global Management and Supply Chain Management major and also looking to pursue an Economics minor.

Personally, I am extremely passionate about traveling and being outdoors. These passions include many activities such as road trips, backpacking, camping, and many other things I am lucky to do often.  I also enjoy playing with my dog, Bear, and taking him on all my adventures with me. In my free time when I am not in my car or going on hikes, I enjoy listening to music and walking around Pittsburgh.

Academically and professionally, I have unfortunately not had a ton of experience in my chosen career field. I have been working for Pitt’s technology help desk and have enjoyed helping the staff, students, and faculty with all of their technology questions over the past year. It has greatly helped me develop strong communication and problem solving skills. Although I enjoy this job I really look forward to immersing myself in the world of project management, consulting, and any other opportunities that I will hopefully have in the future. I also cannot wait to take courses to further my knowledge of the global business market and supply chain management, and challenge myself in my next two years at Pitt.

I am overjoyed to be taking part in the Global Business Institute Virtual Internship this summer. I chose this program specifically because as a Global Management major, I felt what better an opportunity to experience the business field then in a program where I can work with a company with global outreach and gain first-hand experience from professionals. Through this program I will be a project management intern at Sagitter Training, based in London. Sagitter Training is a company that supports schools and universities in the organization of projects such as dual training, Erasmus Plus, PON, and internships in many European countries. I could not be more excited to work with their team to gain valuable experience in project management. Personally I look forward to developing my business skill sets and global competencies by working with this company. Academically and professionally I look to finally gain experience as a project manager and be able to utilize the skills I learn for future courses as well as future professional careers.