Virtual GBI Internship: Marketing in Dublin, Ireland

Hello! My name is Sequoia Marriott and I am a rising senior in the College of Business Administration. I am a marketing major, also pursuing a digital media certificate from the College of General Studies.

I have been involved in multiple student organizations on campus since freshman year. I am currently the president of Ignite: Intervarsity, a Christian space catering to black students at Pitt. I am also a member of SOGC, the sole gospel choir at Pitt. SOGC sings for different events and organizations both on and off-campus. I am also a member of Hearts Ablaze Dance Ministry, which uses liturgical dance as a form of spiritual expression. Aside from clubs, I enjoy singing, playing the guitar, and researching places to solo travel to in the future.

I would love to pursue a profession that incorporates creative and digital marketing within the performing arts industry in the future. I am also interested in how art intersects with culture, and would like to be able to help advance art spaces within different communities. By studying both marketing and digital media I get to experience the business side of arts administration, while also utilizing communications and various digital art forms for promotion. I hope to reflect and build upon what I have learned in the classroom in both my internship and my career.

I have some experience working with art organizations in Pittsburgh, and primarily gained knowledge of graphic design and social media management through past commitments. I also participated in the Digital Marketing Institute at Pitt last semester to gain more knowledge of SEM/SEO. However, I have little professional experience in digital marketing and managing a company’s online presence. I chose to participate in the Virtual Global Business Institute program because I wanted to build upon my academic knowledge of marketing, and see what it is like to manage a company’s marketing tools hands-on. 

Through GBI, I was matched with a web design/digital marketing agency called MeanIt in Dublin, Ireland. MeanIt works to manage the web design and marketing strategies of multiple companies in Ireland. For the six weeks, I will be working with them, I will get to understand the logistics of MeanIt’s web design, and also some of the companies they work with, like Citadel Gymnastics. While working with MeanIt, I aspire to develop a new understanding of both digital and creative marketing and gain real-world expertise in marketing techniques used to advance an organization. I also personally hope to grow as an individual and better certain soft skills, such as communication and adaptability. Through this internship, I am hopeful that I will get to connect my academic experiences to future career opportunities and pursue my personal interests pertaining to art and culture.