Let Me Play in London: GBI Virtual Internship

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Allen and I am a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh in the College of Business Administration. I am majoring in Global Management and Human Resources Management, with a minor in Korean, and am part of the Pitt Business Honors program.

My family is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, but we immigrated to the United States in 2009 and became citizens a few years ago. Before settling down here in Pittsburgh, we lived in New York, California, and Washington and explored a lot of the country while moving and on holiday road trips. In my free time I love to watch programs and listen to music from other countries. I also love learning languages, so I have four years of Spanish under my belt and two years of Korean. At Pitt, I am a part of the Society for International Business and the Emerging Business Issues club. This year I am also an ambassador for the Pitt to You program, which welcomes incoming international students from East Asia through summer and fall programming.

I chose the GBI Virtual Internship program because I saw it as a great opportunity to complete my first professional experience, to further explore my two majors, and to fulfill my dream of interning or studying abroad. I wanted to work as an HR intern to gain experience within that field, while learning to work cross-culturally and expanding my international network for my Global Management major. Therefore, I was so excited to be accepted into this program and to learn about my internship match.

This summer I am interning for a London-based company called the LMP Group (Let Me Play), which focuses on education, training, and social impact. They serve schools, businesses, and individuals in the U.K. through apprenticeships, employability programs, alternative education, enrichment programs, and holiday camps. I will be working as a Human Resources intern, assisting the HR function with their people management needs. So far I have started to help them with projects like auditing their HRIS database and updating their tutor skills matrix, which has been an interesting and enriching experience. I am also looking forward to sitting in on some interviews and employee-manager 1-on-1’s in the next couple weeks. The program really found a great match for me with LMP.

Completing my first professional experience remotely at a foreign company is bound to be challenging, but I am determined to get the most I can out of it and am so excited to begin this journey.