Final Reflection on Interning Virtually: Sydney, Australia


As my internship comes to an end, my expectations have been exceeded.  I came into my role as a financial media intern with Sass Financial expecting to have a minor role within the company, with the majority of my tasks being smaller and behind the scenes.  I have now published articles and blog posts on their website, credited to myself, and edited their podcasts and created content for their social media.  In order to complete my tasks, I think that the most important marketing knowledge was to know what would attract your audience.  In the case of my internship, it was minimalist designs and catchy puns. 

            When it comes to the application of my coursework, I know how to tailor my social media content to the audience.  This helped me ensure that the audience would be receptive to my content and enjoy seeing it, as well as being encourage to click on the links to see further content.  I can also in turn apply what I learned from the designs I created in my internship to my classes.  The designs can also be used for my class presentations to make them more captivating to my audiences, which in turn makes me a better presenter and student. 

            I further developed my transferrable skills.  One of the largest things for me was time management.  Due to the 14 hour time difference with Australia, I had to plan out when I would get my work done, so it would be ready for my supervisor at the deadline provided.  Often, I would be turning it in before the deadline, since the time would often be in the middle of the night for me.  With this planning, I was able to balance my work for this internship and my other personal commitments.  I also improved at my virtual communication, as I would have to plan out what questions I would be asking in my weekly meetings, so I would be prepared and have all the information I needed. 

            It pushed me out of my comfort zone to edit podcasts, because editing audio was something that I have not done previously.  I had to teach myself how to do this, due to the time difference and remote aspect.  In the end, I was able to edit a podcast competently.  My greatest accomplishment would have to be getting my work published.  This was the first time I have had articles published, and to have a well-known financial planner publish my guidance multiple times on her website was an honor.

            This internship has helped me discover that I want to remain working in both finance and marketing, and not have to choose between the two like a typical job in the fields.  I also want to learn more about design and create pieces that intrigue the audience to look further.