The Finale: A Reflection On my Internship “In” London

As my internship with my company, Sagitter Training, is coming to an end it is time to reflect on my experience and everything that I have learned. Coming into this experience I did not know what to expect, it was my first internship AND it was for a company based across the world. I tried to come into it with an open mind but of course I had pre-conceived notions of how my colleagues and supervisor would act and what they would think of me. After my first encounter with my supervisor that all went out the window. Everything was much different than expected and I was warmly welcomed into the company with my supervisor, who is also the founder of the company, completely on my side, rooting for my success.

I was so thrilled to be hired in a project management position with my company since it is such a versatile position and plays such a major role in most companies. I think time-management, flexibility, and adaptability, were the largest factors involved with my position. It involved a lot of researching as well, but some of the biggest challenges were collaborating across time-zones and trying to work on tasks without the ability to ask questions for extended periods of time. I was definitely able to use skills I learned in various classes at Pitt Business to succeed in my role. Things I have learned about organizational behavior in my classes really helped me communicate effectively with my colleagues and supervisor, and allowed me to understand them better. I am eager to go back to classes and answer questions with the experience I gained from my internship with Sagitter Training, and provide insight into what they do.

As mentioned previously I think the skills I gained such as time-management, flexibility, and adaptability, will help me to succeed greatly in the future. I developed these by having to work with colleagues in Italy, London, and Barcelona, which as you can imagine is very stressful. I also spent a large portion of time interviewing Italian students that we would be placing with companies in Dublin. During this I was testing their English as well as attitude and background for placement, and making a good match with their potential employers. These students tended to be my age or younger, and usually had technical difficulties during our calls, would be late, not the best at speaking English, or would have trouble understanding my questions, so I would have to be flexible all around to have a successful interview with them. These interviews absolutely pushed me out of my comfort zone as I have always been on the other end of the interviews and have never experienced something like this.

In the end I think working for Sagitter Training was an incredible opportunity and I have learned an immense amount from it. The entire internship for me was a success because of the skills I acquired and enjoyment I had doing the tasks.