Wrapping It Up

As my internship neared the end, I reflected on what I have learned through this unique experience. It has certainly strengthened my technical and transferable skills. One transferable skill I have gained through this experience is time management. I had to balance working efficiently and completing the work accurately when completing projects for the staff members. When the project I was working on consisted of repetitive work, I had to be careful not to overwrite a transaction or type the wrong analysis. Learning to balance triple-checking my work and completing it in a timely manner is a skill I can continue to use throughout my career. The technical skills I have learned throughout the internship will help me in my academic classes, including Excel functions and shortcuts.  Knowledge I gained of sales tax in Ireland, and the tax system in Ireland may also prove useful. The concepts I have learned can be applied to the work I will be doing in the classroom next semester, as well as my future position. 

My expectations for this internship were very high. I expected an enriching experience that would give me the skills to exceed in my academics and my future career. In some ways, my expectations were met by my time at Devaney and Durkin. I learned numerous technical skills to use in the future. I also gained experience in communicating with a supervisor and other colleagues. However, the work I completed was only for accounting projects. My internship offer included some marketing and other research included in my internship role. I was hoping to gain some experience in a variety of business areas. I also thought I would be included in staff meetings and discussions. Instead, I would just meet with one staff member for them to give me instructions. 

The biggest challenge I encountered during my internship was learning how to communicate with the other staff members at the firm. It was challenging to juggle using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, and email simultaneously. Although it took some time, I learned to communicate effectively with the staff members at the firm. I also learned more about how business is conducted in another country. Although it would have been a valuable experience to intern in Ireland, this internship allowed me to expand my professional network and learn how to communicate and collaborate with colleagues from other countries. I am glad I had this virtual internship opportunity to add a global perspective to my business knowledge and degree.