Remote Internship Reflection – Sydney, Australia – “Grateful, Ready, and Hopeful”

Hello everyone. It’s been a solid six weeks of great work and learning. I have progressed not only professionally but also personally. I recall during orientation, I had to use three words to describe my feelings about starting a remote internship. I described my feelings as “humbled, nervous, and excited.” Now that I have been through this remote international internship experience, the three words that I would describe my feelings now would be “grateful, ready, and hopeful.”

I chose grateful as my first word because interning in Sydney, Australia taught me many valuable insights. First, I had the opportunity to learn about the workings of a fast-growing small business. My supervisor shared his plans and strategies for developing his business and it was a humbling experience to learn from him. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it was inspiring to learn about his journey from an IT consultant to a professionally trained chef to eventually starting a business of his own. During my internship experience, I also got to develop my cultural competence through learning about Australian history and norms. This leads me to my second word choice: ready. As part of the global internship course curriculum, there was a MOCK interview. It was a great way for me to improve my interview skills and prepare ahead of time for internships I might apply to next year. Coming out of the MOCK interview, I feel much more confident and ready in my ability to articulate my experiences during an interview, and I am glad that this is a skill that I will be able to put into use soon. Other important skills that I got to develop along the way are my organization, time management, self-motivation, critical thinking, and communication skills. As I come out of this remote internship experience with great insight into ways to improve, I thought of my third word: hopeful. Upon the completion of my coursework and internship, I developed a growth mindset. Being able to work cross-culturally allowed me to diversify my perspective of the world and become more emotionally intelligent. From interacting with my supervisor to working with other interns in other internship sites, I learned to embrace diversity and understand how critically important diversity is in today’s workplace. Looking forward, I am hopeful that these experiences will help me become a more valuable individual that can make an impact wherever I go. I will always think back to these experiences and be grateful for the things that they taught me. I am sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg as I still have a lot to learn. What’s more important is that I continue to be open-minded and receptive to new ideas and perspectives. As part of developing cultural and emotional intelligence is having that self-awareness and social awareness to never stop learning and improving. Ultimately, it is when you are outside of your comfort zone that you learn the most.