An end leads to another beginning!

Six weeks have flown by and my virtual global internship has unfortunately come to an end. Looking back to what I have harvested from this unique journey, I am proud to say that I made a right decision to be part of it. The skills and experience that I have gained from fulfilling my responsibilities, completing tasks, and communicating with my supervior are undoubtedly going to benefit my future career and personal development. Moreover, it will be a good memory to reminisce when I think of my summer of 2021.

Before the internship started, at the orientation, we were asked to use three words to describe our feelings. The three words that I chose was excited, motivated, and unsure. I was excited to gain some practical experience in a virtual global internship and was motivated to learn more knowledge and skills in a professional environment. I was also unsure about what was going to happen in my internship and I was afraid to make mistakes at my job.

As soon as I met my supervisor, all the worries and concerns were cleared out. Her kindness and enthusiasm have made me feel relaxed and comfortable to express my ideas. The comfortableness she has created made my entire internship more wonderful. I was able to work in my major field, finance, as a financial management intern in the company and gained more analytical skills by forecasting the company’s future cash flows. I utilized some of the technical skills that I learned from an online finance training program to my internship and even helped my supervisor to understand the financial analysis for her business, a startup that has zero budget. The strategic planning that I learned from my Strategic Management course at Pitt also helped me to be more organized and be able to create a solid strategic finance plan for the company to have when applying for grants to raise capital.

One of the challenges that I faced in this internship was working independently most of the time. Since I only met with my site supervisor once a week, I had to solve most of my questions by doing research on the internet or making my own judgement on the work if I could not get in touch with my supervisor at the moment. This difficulty of the experience forced me to think and be able to come up solutions on my own. Consequently, I have not only learned more and deeper under this challenge but also improved my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In our last of day of the program, we were asked again to describe our feelings after completing the internship into three words. I wrote accomplished, confident, and relaxed. From being unsure about what to expect at the beginning of the internship to being confident of what will be the next beginning of my life, I have seen myself grown from this journey and learned tremendouly. It was not only about what knowledge and skills that I have gained but also the mindset and stronger mentality that I was able to build in the past six weeks. Here comes the end, but another beginning is about to start…