GBI Virtual Internship: From SYD to PIT

Although my Marketing internship with the Sydney-based software startup, Kaizntree, is coming to an end, a part of me wishes that it would continue forever. I came here expecting to apply the knowledge I learned in my Marketing and Supply Chain Management classes, to gain valuable industry experience, and to develop my soft skills (like communication and cultural intelligence). Now, I am leaving Kaizntree knowing that the whole experience has exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the internship, I completed a wide variety of tasks like email marketing, partnership negotiation, market research, SEO, blogging, and more. Without a doubt, I was able to use several of the biases and heuristics I learned from Consumer Behavior when engaging in user acquisition. Similarly, the Marketing Research class I took helped me to better understand Kaizntree’s competitors and to gather insights from potential clients about what we could improve on. I have no doubt that I will also be able to bring these experiences back to Pittsburgh and use them in my future Marketing classes and in my role as a Resident Assistant in the first-year Pitt Business Living and Learning Community.

In addition to building on my hard skills, this remote international internship gave me the chance to improve my soft skills. Without a doubt, communication is one of those skills, as I was constantly meeting with my supervisor, contacting potential clients, collaborating with fellow interns (marketers and programmers), etc. Along those lines, most of the people I interacted with were not Pennsylvanians, so it was nice to see and hear about the different cultures (my supervisor and each of us interns gave a live tour of where we lived). Likewise, the accompanying CAPA Global Internship Course also gave me the opportunity to meet people from different universities and areas of the world, which helped to develop my cultural intelligence.

Even though my remote international internship may seem like it was smooth sailing the entire time, in reality, that is not the case. In my opinion, one of the most challenging parts of this experience was the transition from Marketing in an academic setting to Marketing in a professional setting. For a task given in class, the directions are clear, and the goal is obvious. But in practice, what the process is for achieving a goal is not so clear. Another challenge I dealt with was juggling an accelerated Modern Art History course along with CAPA’s Global Internship Course and the Marketing internship itself. For sure, having multiple responsibilities at the same time really tested my time management skills (and I am confident this will come in handy in the near future).

Well, that’s all folks (and H2P)!