Takeaways from my Internship Abroad

As of writing this blog post, I am now officially finished my internship at Carysfort Capital as a part of the International Internship Program in Dublin, Ireland. In terms of summarizing my internship experience, I mainly worked under the head analyst as well as the Chief Financial Officer of the firm. Carysfort Capital is involved in real-estate investment and is only made up of about seven people. Because of the smaller workforce, Carysfort Capital only works on potential deals that can reach high rates of returns for investors, and much of my time was spent analyzing which deals we should immediately not further into and which ones we should pursue. To properly analyze a deal, I had to first create and estimated rental value sheet through research online which I would then input into the firm’s financial model to estimate the key metrics needed. If the targets we set weren’t reached by the estimate from the financial model, we would then drop the deal and move onto the next one. Another thing I took part in during my time in the internship was creating presentations that would then be shown to the main investors of the firm. To do this, I was given excel sheets that were created by the letting agents of the various properties Carysfort Capital owned. With this data, I was then tasked with using the excel data to create graphs that would then be used as material for slides that could be dropped in and out of presentation decks depending on the property or potential investment partner. Another responsibility I was tasked with was reaching into whether the company should venture into investing in self-storage properties.

            In terms of personal growth, I feel that my global competency has become more experienced as I had the opportunity to learn and work in a firm located in a company across the Atlantic Ocean, above 3,000 miles away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Dublin, Ireland. I was able to adapt to the differences in business etiquette between Ireland and the United States as well as expand my network on an international level, which is important as business has become more international in nature. In terms of academic growth, I believe that some of the skills I have acquired throughout my internship from the various tasks and assignments I was given will help me in my remaining upper-level finance classes. The internship has also allowed me to gain 3 credits over the summer which will open the opportunity to add another class onto my schedule before I graduate. Since most of the projects I was assigned gave me not a lot of direction but full control on how I would like to complete them as well as learning an industry I had no prior experience in, I was able to advance my critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any subject. In terms of professional growth, I have been able to expand my network and now have connections that may lead to potential opportunities in the future. I have also learned how to better use communication to coordinate meeting times, which was very important since my internship was in another country.

            There were a couple of takeaways I received from completing the internship program. The first takeaway is to always try to pick up as much responsibility as possible, as it will reflect well to your supervisors that you are willing to take initiative and try to add as much value to the company as possible. When I first started out the internship, I wasn’t as busy as I wanted to be, so I reached out to the analyst I worked under and was able to work on assignments that an intern usually wouldn’t work on at the firm, such as constructing the presentations as pitches for the properties and for investors that showed Carysfort Capital’s stellar track record of high returns for its clients. The second takeaway I received from the internship was to not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Since many of my projects I was given full discretion with little direction, I had to make sure along the way I was doing everything correctly so as not waste time having to constantly go back and correct possible mistakes. By reaching out to my other coworkers I was able to avoid these mistakes and turn in assignments done as well as possible. I plan to use the first takeaway in my future job opportunities to help me stand out and gain more recognition from my supervisors which can lead to promotions, and I plan to use my second takeaway in PittBusiness when I need direction in completing essays or projects.