Jumping into the Haller Fellowship- Day 1!

Hi! My name is Brooke Eyler and I am an incoming freshman planning to major in global management. I am excited to explore the different disciplines within business as well my other passions like sustainability and language at Pitt. As of now, my future plan is to work for an ethical brand in the fashion industry to bring meaningful change in the current supply chain. I graduated from Purchase Line High School where I was super involved in athletics and student organizations. It is through involvement that I learned how to grow connections and be a teammate so continuing to participate as a Pitt student is very important to me. In my free time, I am a sales representative at American Eagle and enjoy to read and spend time with my English Bulldogs!

The Haller Global Fellowship demonstrates a huge reason why I chose Pitt as my university opportunity. Through this fellowship I am jumping right into learning and growing alongside students that have academic, personal, and career goals that are similar to my own. I am excited to have this immersive experience that will get me into the right headspace before fall semester begins. Because of its exclusivity, I know this program will be hands-on, allowing me to work with my peers and professors closely. With that said, my main personal goal is to gain experience, and confidence in myself by diving headfirst into a global management type course. I know what I am capable of and have been preparing for opportunities like this ever since I decided I wanted to study business on an international scale three years ago.

As for our project, I am on the Social Media and Marketing team as the Project Manager. I could not be happier with my team or our client. As a whole, the groups are working with the Southwark Pensioners Centre located in the United Kingdom to help them bring in more members, volunteers, and funding. Though we have our work cut out for ourselves, we are bursting with ideas and enthusiasm which makes it easy to get down to work. So far, this fellowship is everything I thought it would be and more, I already feel like I am in the professional world helping make a difference, even if its only for a small group of seniors in the UK.

After the fellowship, I will have a foundation built and experience that will be unmatched to any other 18 year old. This is so exciting!

Haller Global Honors Fellowship- Summer 2021