Learning A New Way To Think: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

It is the dream of many people to become an entrepreneur one day. But what truly defines an entrepreneur? I would argue it is a very unique mindset that separates an entrepreneur from those around them. Like anything that is sought after, the entrepreneurial mindset is not something that can be built overnight, rather it is a set of skills that must be constantly worked on and perfected. Now on paper, these skills seem simple, “Be creative”, “Be flexible”, “Collaborate and communicate well with others”, but it is when these skills need to be applied in real situations that an entrepreneur shines.

This week with the Haller Global Honors Fellowship, I have been fortunate enough to try and exercise these skills in a real-world scenario. Through our work with Southwark Pensioners Centre, I, along with my peers, have been invited to test our entrepreneurial minds on the real-world challenges that affect a small charity in the UK. We have been tasked with coming up with creative solutions that are not only effective, but also actionable, and furthermore, then communicating those ideas in a concise way to our clients. It seems to be a daunting task, but when we tackle these challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset, each challenge becomes a small hurdle on our path to providing a successful end product.

For example, in a session with Pitt Business Marketing Executive in Residence, Meade Johnson, we were introduced to the art of client engagement. Client engagement is about building relationships with the client to understand what they truly need and what you as the consultant can provide for them. It is exercising the skill of useful communication and being adaptable to your client’s needs, which are both essential skills that I am learning to utilize through this project.

The Haller Global Honors fellowship is an opportunity to learn these transferrable skills which I can then apply in my future even if that is not necessarily one as an entrepreneur.