Taking Risks, Staying Creative, and Trusting Myself- Developing my Entrepreneurial Mindset

50 Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World Through Business (2020)

So far this week, I have had to take risks, push my comfort zone, innovate, communicate, and be creative, to name a few. This is no accident; this is how I am developing my entrepreneurial mindset.  Like anything, practice makes perfect. The more I actively engage in developing an entrepreneurial mindset; the better my skills will be. So far, the Haller Global Honors Fellowship is teaching me to do just that.

Today we talked about the importance of beginning with the end in mind, or, in other words, having future orientation. When developing our project, my team has gotten into the habit of asking ourselves if our pitch is realistic for our client and whether or not it has the potential to achieve a long-term goal. Why waste everyone’s time if the end goal and path to get there is not clear? When we give our pitch, we want our clients to be excited and confident about achieving their goals.

It is hard to succeed without having skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Undoubtedly, my fantastic team and I communicate our ideas well, leading to our presentation appearing clear and well-thought-out. We also problem-solve when we realize that maybe our idea doesn’t align with the end goal or perhaps isn’t in the budget, for example, but we push ourselves to find a solution. Because of those simple skills, I am truly confident that we are on our way to success.

Out of the skills that fall under the entrepreneurial mindset, recognizing opportunities is the most crucial. By applying for this Fellowship, my peers and I have already made the most of just one opportunity out of the many that are yet to come.