Haller Fellowship Day 4: Haller and My Entrepreneurial Mindset

Thinking critically, dynamically, and efficiently is important for everyone in a business field, not merely entrepreneurs.  My participation in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship is providing me many different opportunities to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through the program’s consulting work, lectures, and guest speakers.

The first way that I am developing my skills in Haller is through the consulting project.  My initiative and self-reliance have been tested by the task of keeping myself focused while efficiently researching information for my group’s client proposal.  Besides this, collaboration with my fellow students has taught me how to rely on my groupmates.  Flexibility and adaptability on the other hand, have been necessary throughout our proposal development as we regularly pivoted to include new information and perspectives.  Finally, I’ve sharpened my sense of opportunities, such as when I recognized the Scouting Association as a possible volunteer source.

The lectures by Dr. Jones and group meetings also taught me valuable principles.  In an overall lecture, he had us analyze our clients’ demeanors and plan for our clients’ future reactions to our proposals.  This helped my group gain confidence in our more creative ideas.  Furthermore, when meeting with our smaller group, Dr. Jones made us rethink our strategies, which kept me critically thinking in order to improve our client proposal.

The guest speaker that I gained the greatest insight from was the marketing workshop.  The workshop made us think creatively outside of the box in order to develop successful ideas.  Once again, my group needed to adapt our proposals based on new ideas.

After only four days experiencing Haller and its activities, the program has already helped me refine my individual entrepreneurial skills and overall entrepreneurial mindset, particularly in critical thinking, collaboration, and adaptability.