Forming an Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Fellowship

Although I do not plan to become an entrepreneur, developing an entrepreneurial mindset will benefit me in whichever career I plan to pursue. When I decided to apply for the Haller Global Fellowship, developing my entrepreneurial mindset was not something that I thought would occur. However, as a member who is about halfway through the program, I can confidently say that this program has helped enormously in beginning to develop mine.

One way that this program has helped to develop my entrepreneurial mindset was through improving my communication and collaboration. Communication is crucial in this program. It is involved with every business leader, Pitt faculty member, and peer that we meet in this program. Communication is even more important, as all communication takes place in a virtual setting. Extra pauses and over-talking is without a doubt something that makes communication more difficult, but is heavily involved with virtual communication. This program has allowed me to have more experience operating and communicating in a virtual, professional setting. Collaboration is also something that my entrepreneurial mindset has developed with this program. Being a member of the social media and marketing group, I need to collaborate with my teammates with any idea or recommendation that I or the other members come up with. 

I know that my entrepreneurial mindset has developed greatly within the past week. I look forward to seeing what I can learn and develop in the second half of this program! H2P!