Wrapping Up

Hello again for the last time from virtual Dublin, Ireland! In the days since my internship ended, I have had a lot of time to reflect on the entirety of my internship, and I am amazed at how far I came in just eight short weeks of interning with Wrkit. To summarize my experience, as a data analysis intern with Wrkit the majority of my daily tasks involved discovering and analyzing trends in data from the company’s biweekly Lifestyle Savings newsletters, which provide Wrkit’s clients with exclusive coupons and discounts for everything from groceries to clothing and even travel. I conducted my analysis using a combination of Microsoft Excel for cleaning and organizing the data and Tableau for visualizing and providing advanced analyses on the data. After completing my analyses in Excel and Tableau, I would compile the graphs and charts that I had created into a slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint and then I would present my findings in front of the whole company including the CEO at the company’s weekly team meeting. In addition to the newsletter data, I also performed the same steps for my analysis of various other datasets from different facets of the company including but not limited to data relating to the composition of website views, sales data generated from the newsletters, and push notification data among others.

Before beginning my internship, I fully expected to grow tremendously throughout the course of my internship; however, there is no way that I could have predicted how much I actually ended up growing. As a person, one of the main places I grew during this experience was in my understanding of Irish culture. Although I had been to Dublin before the beginning of my freshman year as a Haller Global Honors Fellow, I experienced a completely different side of Irish culture while interning with Wrkit and can firmly state (much to my colleagues’ dismay) that I still have no idea what the rules are in rugby. In terms of my professional development, I feel like my biggest areas of growth were in my soft skills and my professional working experience. Having to present my findings each week in front of the company forced me to get a lot of practice articulating my thoughts in a professional presentation in a low stress environment. When applying to the International Internship Program, one of the most important reasons I chose this program was to gain valuable experience working in a professional environment, and I think that despite the virtual nature of the internship, I am much more comfortable working in a professional setting than I was previously. The largest area of growth that I noticed during my internship was certainly my academic development, specifically regarding the technical skills that I developed over the course of my internship. Before I started my internship, I had only received one lecture explaining the basics of Tableau; however, in an effort to make my work more efficient, I took a couple of days before the start of my internship to really delve into Tableau. After working in Tableau, Excel, and PowerPoint every single day of my internship, I definitely gained a lot of experience using each of the software.

After completing this program, there are several key things that I learned about working in a professional (and virtual) environment that I am sure will be useful for me in both my academic and professional careers. One of the most important takeaways I gained from working in a virtual environment is that patience is an extremely important skill to have. I had my own fair share of issues with technology such as my internet going out or my brother running into my room during a meeting, and it is necessary to understand that when you are working from home, things like that can happen, and I think that translates to virtual classes as well. Additionally, I think I really noticed how important great organization skills are in any type of setting, professional or academic. I think that by using something to keep track of what you are doing and what you have to do each week, whether it be a calendar, to-do list, or even just a spreadsheet, it makes it much easier to not only complete all of your work on time, but also makes that work ultimately better by keeping it on your radar for longer and decreasing procrastination.

All in all, I am so lucky to have had this amazing experience to intern with Wrkit this summer through the International Internship Program. I cannot wait to take the skills I learned in this program from the classroom to the city, and to the world in my future at Pitt and in my career. Until next time!