Final Blog Post

At last, we have come to the final post documenting my experience at patientMpower! This was a very rewarding experience and I’d like to thank everyone who contributed. To sum up my experience at patientMpower, I was an intern that primarily helped with US sales. patientMpower is a digital healthcare company that helps people living with long term illness. During the first half of my internship, I worked with my supervisor to research potential clients and start email campaigns. This involved contacting hospital employees about current technology they had in place as well as contacting pharmaceutical companies to promote our product. The second half of my internship was spent conducting market research. I researched the illnesses that we help and the other competitors to get a better understanding of the US market. After this, I was able to pitch ideas to help patientMpower grow in the US. Throughout my entire time at patientMpower, I was able to connect with the other employees there and learn about what they were working on. I spent some time with the Customer Success team and gained some data analysis experience as well. Overall, this was a great first professional business experience for me and I’m very thankful I earned this opportunity.

To expand on what I’ve learned from this experience, I believe I’ve grown professionally, academically, and personally. In terms of professional growth, I have gained valuable experience in a professional working environment through taking part in meetings as well as the responsibility required when assigned to a task. I have also expanded on hard skills that I can use in future opportunities, for example, I used Excel almost every day when keeping track of my assignments. In terms of academic growth, I think opportunity gave me a new and better look of the business world and how sales is integrated into it. Since patientMpower is also a start up, I think I learned a lot from the challenges and successes the company faces. I’m excited to be able to use this new knowledge and apply it to what I learn in the classroom, to be able to express what I have learned and to learn from others. Finally, I believe I grew the most personally as this experience helped to grow my soft skills and it helped give me a better understanding of what I want from my future in business. My communication skills grew tremendously, and I feel more confident in contacting others as well as in my skills. I was often placed in ambiguous situations at work, and this required me to learn how to handle situations I am not the most comfortable in. This experience also helped me narrow down what I’m interested in majoring in. Although I spent the majority of my time contributing to the sales department, the time I spent working with data analysis was extremely interesting to me and I am curious to pursue this further.

One key takeaway I’ve taken from this experience is just how valuable it is and it’s definitely something I’m going to promote to other Pitt Business students. I applied for this program because I was struggling to find an internship opportunity for this summer and I’m very happy that I did. I was able to intern at a company that I liked and I had many people supporting me along the way. This is great opportunity for those looking to start their professional careers. In addition to this, the international aspect is something very unique. Being able to say you have this international experience at a young age sets you apart from other students our age and it’s an experience that you can’t replace. I am extremely thankful to those who helped me during this experience, this includes my supervisor at patientMpower, the program leaders at Pitt Business, as well as my donor who supported me financially. Without all the help, I would not have had as a successful summer as I did. I am sad to be posting one last time as I really did enjoy documenting my journey, but I am happy about everything I learned from this experience. I look forward to reading about my peers’ experience and thank you to everyone again!