Post-Program: Conclusion Prompt


Since this will be my last post for the IIP, I want to sum up and explain my gratitude towards my internship experience. During the last week of my internship, my supervisor asked me to collect all the materials I’ve worked on, finalize them, and send them to him in one concise email. I spent my week looking over all the past work I’ve done, from my time as an intern at the DCU Business School. For my last week, this was quite a satisfying and befitting task; it allowed me to reflect on my work and growth over the course of the summer. 

Also, I’m very grateful for the professional relationship I’ve formed with my supervisor. He’s an economics professor and has taught me a great deal about corruption and anti-corruption studies. To such an extent, I asked him to write one of my law school recommendation letters for this upcoming fall. When he said he’d be “pleased” to write the letter, I was very ecstatic and relieved—the process of applying to law school is arduous, so one less thing I must worry about. 

In different areas, the experience has left me with numerous benefits. Personally, it has left me with the confidence to communicate my ideas and contribute to meaningful conversation. During my meetings with my supervisor, it was a virtual atmosphere and we only met on scheduled times; so, I had to ensure a way of discussing my work and ideas efficiently. Throughout the internship, I noticed the positive difference in me initiating and leading conversation. Clearly, the interpersonal skills I’ve gained are assets which translates into my personal and professional life. 

Speaking of my professional life, I believe my internship provided me with the most growth in this specific area. I progressed on several skills and behaviors vital to a professional atmosphere. For example, I demonstrated personal responsibility for meeting my goals. With every week, I had new tasks and research to complete and for me to present to my supervisor during our subsequent meeting; thus, these meetings acted as deadlines to meet. During my internship, managing responsibilities to meet an end goal is a practice applicable to academics, future job opportunities, and dealing with everyday life. Moreover, I learned how to strive for continual improvement with each new assignment I was given. In a professional role, having your abilities become stagnant is not useful for the worker or the organization the worker belongs to. As time progressed throughout my role as an intern, I found myself setting my standards higher and higher with each week. As I was learning more, I found myself expecting more out of me. I believe my supervisor recognized this too because my scores and feedback on my final evaluation form were much better than my mid-point evaluation form. 

Regarding my academics, the projects and research I was working on involved several aspects I’d utilize towards my studies in academia. In particular, the research I completed incorporated the subjects of economics, statistics, policy, and government. In my research projects, I had to read and annotate plentiful academic articles revolving around corruption and anti-corruption. From these articles, I had to analyze how they studied and measured corruption. To articulate this, I read and wrote using terms involving economics and statistics. Furthermore, elements of policy and government were also weaved into these articles, since corruption is heavily found in the governance of developing countries. 

Undoubtedly, I consider my IIP as a key payoff in my overall college experience. At the DCU Business School, my internship in the Anti-Corruption Unit has provided me with a positive professional experience in a field I will possibly work in. In addition, the internship is something to help build my resume and improve my credibility as a prospective law student. I’m thankful for the people I’ve worked with and know I’ve built fond relationships with those I’ll keep in touch with.

I intend to inform other Pitt Business students who are interested in the IIP and other similar programs about my experience. I’ll be sure to be honest with them, including the positives and the negatives; however, I would assuredly recommend participating in the IIP. It will allow fellow Pitt Business students to branch outside their comfort zones and attain real world experience, all while guided by trusted professionals who’re accessible to them. Clearly, I’m very appreciative of the experience the IIP has presented to me. Amid my internship, I plan to integrate the skills and competencies I’ve learned towards building my future career and personal growth. To everyone who has helped me during my IIP experience, thank you!