Welcome to London!

Hi everyone! My name is Nayana Prakash and I am a junior at Pitt Business. My major is Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems with a minor in German. I came to the University of Pittsburgh because I knew I wanted to study abroad and the programs offered here are all amazing opportunities. I was a bit unsure of what my major would be when first arriving on campus, but after taking some of my core business classes and other electives, I found my own path within the business school. On campus, I am a part of two clubs, Women in Business and the Society for International Business. In my free time, I like to crochet and go on hikes. I am studying abroad in London through CAPA. and I also have an internship at a financial consulting company called Winnovart. I chose this program because I am able to experience a new culture while also gaining valuable work experience. My goals for this program are to increase my cultural awareness and explore this new city. I also hope to learn new skills at my internship and network.

My new university is a lot different than Pitt. It is one building with a couple of classrooms. I also know the majority of people in all of my classes. Classes are small and involve a lot of field studies which I appreciate. It allows us to get to know London in the context of our classes. The neighborhood I’m living in is called Whitechapel. I like it because it’s easier to get around as there’s a tube station right next us. Also, it’s only a 5 minute walk to the Tower Bridge. However, we are pretty far east so the commute to work or class can be a bit long. That’s a big difference that I don’t love about being in London, but it’s still a part of this city’s experience. I live in an apartment of 5 girls and so far, we’ve all been getting along pretty well. I haven’t had to share a room since freshman year, so that a bit of an adjustment but obviously not too difficult. I do like my apartment and who I’m living with, but it has been hard for me to feel like I really am living and studying abroad. Sometimes I still feel like I’m on vacation. Living in London has been a lot of fun so far, with seeing the sights and spending time with new friends. I can’t wait to share what’s next!