Keep It Green – Dodo

The essential skills and strengths necessary to succeed in this industry are flexibility and adaptability. It is crucial always to adjust to the unexpected as we deal with many clients in this field. Often, clients or potential clients may have a change of plan, ask random questions, and request, but we need to accommodate and move on. And because there is quite a bit of competition in this industry, it is necessary to adapt to any changes or trends.

My Clifton strengths are Restorative, Strategic, Relator, Communication, and Analytical. I believe these strengths all come into play as a Data Analyst intern. Being Restorative and Strategic allows me to adapt and develop alternative ways when dealing with problems. This is vital when talking to potential clients through email about the next step. Relator and Communication allow me to create a close relationship with my supervisor and clients. It makes working easier as I can freely communicate any issues with my supervisor and discuss any opinions and ideas I have. Through Relator and Communication, I will understand clients’ needs and wants. Lastly, by being analytical, I can develop solutions to potential issues like low social media engagement by thinking about reasons and causes. Often, I doubt these strengths, but through this position, I’ve seen myself applying them more which made me more confident!

I went into this internship not knowing what to expect but also to be in person. Unfortunately, the majority of my work is remote. Despite so, my supervisor has made me feel highly respected and comfortable. I’ve been learning new things every day, including new marketing skills and information about reaching net zero. Though it is currently a start-up, I see potential in the expansion of Dodo. They are currently in the process of branding themselves and expanding their client sector. It is truly an honour to witness all of this happen. 

In conclusion, I have been enjoying my internship and am grateful for this experience

Since I am working remotely, I do not have any pictures of the internship, so here’s a logo!