Marketing in London

Hello again from London! It has been an exciting few weeks! I visited Dover and Canterbury for a little weekend trip a few weeks ago, and my family visited this past weekend, so it was nice to get a little taste of home for a few days. I am looking forward to spring break, as my flat mates and I plan to travel through Portugal and Spain.

My internship at Latimer Group is primarily in the marketing and content creation industry, with their main revenue generators being the production of advertising campaigns and commercials for their clients. The content creation industry is an extremely dynamic field, with so many different components from commercials to feature films and even Tik Tok. As someone who is not studying marketing, it has been a great experience being exposed to an industry I had not even considered working in.

Arguably the most important skill to have in the marketing industry (and any industry in the modern age for that matter) is flexibility. As I mentioned, the marketing industry is extremely dynamic. All the time, trends are changing and evolving, and the type of content that attracts viewership and consumers changes with these trends. At the same time, as technology rapidly develops, marketers constantly have to adapt their practices to keep up with the industry. Because of these dynamics, it is important to people working in the marketing industry to be flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing landscape. Additionally, patience is an extremely important skill for marketers to practice. When working with many different clients, it is inevitable that what worked for one client won’t work for the others. As a result, it is important for marketing professionals to remain patient with their clients and develop a strategy or campaign that meets the specifications of the client. Finally, an important skill to have is the ability to effectively solve problems. As I mentioned before, the marketing industry is extremely dynamic, and different clients require different solutions, so it is important to be a good problem solver in order to adapt to different situations and provide the best result for the client.

In order to be successful in this program, there are two main Clifton Strengths that I can leverage: Deliberative and Restorative. My Deliberative strength will be beneficial when producing pages on the website that my supervisor and I are reworking, as taking my time to provide the best possible work that I can will ultimately produce the best results for my internship. On the other hand, my Restorative strength has already been a very helpful asset to this point. After the website we were building crashed, I had to use my Restorative strength to adequately work towards solving the problem at hand.

Being that the majority of the company works remotely, it has been somewhat difficult to get a read on the dynamics of the company. That being said, it seems as though the workplace environment (whether in-person or virtual) is fairly laid back and stress free. My coworkers are exceptionally kind and helpful, and it is an extremely welcoming environment. The quality of work and deadlines are pretty important, but I haven’t noticed anything causing me any stress with regard to those things. I am so excited for the weeks to come and can’t wait to continue writing about my experiences here! Until next time!