Classes at Uni

As I mentioned in my last post, I am here in London on the London GBI program. This program is awesome because it allows students to work an internship right here in London if they choose to, and get some real world experience. I opted out of this portion to focus on classes and continue with my internship from back home virtually.

I was lucky enough to just take four classes this semester (called uni here in London), and the classes here meet just once a week since commute time is so long. Once I head to class, I am there for about 3 to 3.5 hours. Here is a blurb of what my weekly schedule looks like:

No ClassesEuropean Government & Politics
(09:30 – 12:45)
Advertising and Marketing in Britain (14:00-17:15)International Marketing
(09:30 – 12:45), Understanding Modern Britain (14:00 – 17:15)
No Classes
Weekly Class Schedule

Classes are conducted in the CAPA building, which is a townhouse in Kensington. Kensington is a super nice area of London, which you may have heard of before because of Kensington Palace. The building has 5 floors, each with 1-2 classrooms. Each room is named after a different area in London, no room numbers!

Ellen & I in front of CAPA!

I have noticed that listening skills are super important in these classes. Most professors do not utilize note slides on PowerPoint, but instead just talk for the entire 3 hour period. If you space out for a few minutes, there is no trace of any of the information you missed. However, not all of the classes take place in the classroom, which I love. But, in case you were interested to see what a classroom looks like, here’s a peak of our Modern Britain classroom that Mia took:

Views! Pret coffee! Class!

Most of the classes have a field trip component as well. Some professors hire a professional Blue Badge tour guide to take us on a 2 hour walking field trip of a part of London, but others take the class themself to places like museums or memorials. My advertising class just went to the Museum of Brands to learn more about British brands throughout time, and my room mate Miya takes an art class where she is able to go to art museums every other week to see the pieces she learns about. I think my favorite field trip so far has been with my Modern Britain class to Westminster, where we got to see all the government buildings and plenty of famous London sights. See below for one of my favorite pictures I took from that trip! Aside from that, that is all for now! Cheers! xx

Horse Guard Building and London Eye