Interning at Platform Creative

I am so excited to be interning with Platform Creative for this semester in London. Platform Creative is a small Public Relations firm for fashion brands that uses editorial shoots, celebrity endorsement, and social media to boost brands globally. I feel lucky that my internship is in person, so I get to head to the office in Islington three times a week.

One skill that is needed for the Public Relations industry is communication. You are not only working with a number of clients to satisfy their needs, but you are also reaching out to hundreds and hundreds of contacts daily. I think you also need to be creative in order to put together pitches that stand out to editors. This is especially important when working with clients who maybe aren’t constantly launching new products or initiatives because you have to figure out unique ways to frame what the brand is doing. I would also say with the PR industry, as well as any international internship in general, you need to be adaptable. Even though we are speaking the same language, there are definitely still some cultural differences between the way things are done at my internship here in London and the way things were done at my internships back in the US. It’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to try things.

My Clifton Strengths are deliberate, empathy, achiever, responsibility, and developer. When it comes to completing the work I am given thoroughly and accurately, I feel as though have deliberate, achiever, and responsibility as strengths is really helpful. I feel responsible for the work I am completing, which means I take what I do seriously and put effort into everything I do. As someone who likes to achieve, I strive to do the best work that I can do. I also think having empathy is especially important when you are working with people. Whether it’s working with the coworkers on my team of reaching out to clients or contacts, having empathy helps to understand those around you.

They dynamics of the company are great and something unliked what I have experienced back in the US. The company is small and made up of entirely women, which creates a tight-knit environment. Everyone sits together at the same table, which reduces the sense of hierarchy between positions. Additionally, we always have music playing in the background and will also chat, which makes for a very friendly and relaxed environment. Everyone is very willing to help one another out and answer any questions.