Working with Tuscan Trucks!

This semester, I am currently one of 7 Pitt Business students participating in the internship course here in Florence. The course consists of working 20 hours a week for our internship, as well as a weekly class with weekly assignments. My internship is at the Kaledios Marketing Agency, which is located here in the city of Florence. The company is a small independent digital marketing agency and I report directly to my supervisor, who is the founder of the company. Although marketing is one of my majors, I have never had any professional experience at an agency, so I am thankful for having the chance to do that now. At this internship, I have the opportunity to see all parts of the marketing process, from strategy to implementation. Along with assisting my boss with various tasks, my main project of the semester is assisting him with creating a brand and an e-commerce site for a client. This company is a manufacturing and spare parts business that specializes in niche trucks and services. Definitely something I have no experience in! It’s been a really great opportunity to be exposed to an industry that is completely new to me, as I have a chance to practice thinking on my toes and adapting quickly in a new environment. I’m very much enjoying my internship, and I’m thankful for the experience I am gaining and how it will help me with my career in the future. 

Florence from the Uffizi Gallery on a Rainy Day!