Developing Global Skills and Understanding in Florence

Even though I have been here for a short time, I have already learned and gained so much from my internship, classes, and just daily life here. I have learned hard skills such as learning how to design and create content for social media posts, creating appealing graphics for marketing purposes, and lastly how to effectively communicate in Italian.

However, beside the hard skills, I have been learning plenty of soft skills as well. It has been challenging yet interesting to learn how to integrate, communicate, and socialize in a different language and culture. I have really improved on things such as intercultural communication, through speaking with my boss in Italian and just adapting to the Italian work environment and style. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes there are miscommunications, but I also find it very rewarding. I have learned to always try to be clear in what I say, and to make sure I always understand what is expected of me, and that we are on the same page.

Through this change in work environment, I have also improved upon my time management skills, and my ability to work independently. Sometimes I work from home, which was a first for me. This challenged me to learn to effectively work and meet deadlines in due time while having the freedom to be in my own apartment. It was difficult at first but I have begun to adapt to it, and now am able to focus much better when I know I need to get something done. I have also learned a lot about myself through all of the interactions I have had with Italians, and it has really been eye-opening for me in a lot of ways. I have learned that sure we may be different through language and culture, but in a lot of ways we are all the same as people. We all have hopes, worries, desires, and dreams. Maybe it seems naïve, but I have realized as people maybe we are all more similar than we are different at the end of the day, and the only differences may just be the language and culture that separate us. However, being here and speaking Italian, and getting to know real Italian people has given me a glimpse into their world, which has been fascinating for me. This has really allowed me to begin to understand and empathize with people better, and given me a new perspective on how I view other languages, cultures and the world in general.

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