Classes in Florence!

Taking classes in Florence has been so different than any other courses I have taken. I am currently in four courses: Exploring and Analyzing the Global City of Florence (Global), Renaissance Art History, Elementary Italian, and International Marketing. All the courses I am taking integrate Florence is so many different ways which creates a unique learning experience.

I have Global twice a week and the course is broken up into one field class and one lecture class. We learn how to analyze the city around us and truly how to appreciate the architecture, culture, and everyday life here. This class has expanded my knowledge of Florence and how Florentine people live.

Renaissance Art history is once a week and we mainly focus on art that is in Florence, but we do touch on many famous artworks around Europe. We get the opportunity learn about art pieces and architectural structures and then we see them in person. We also go to museums and churches around Florence. This class has really taught me how to appreciate art and analyze it.

Another course that I am taking is Elementary Italian. This class is three times a week and it is an introductory class to the Italian language. This call is taught by a lecturer from Pitt, so having Jenny here has been a great resource. Not only do learn about the language, but we also get the opportunity to ask any cultural questions or just recommendations for things to see or eat in the area. This class also just has Pitt students, so its feels like a home away from home. It is also very helpful to learn Italian so I can use it at stores, restaurants, and so on.

The last course that I am taking is International Marketing which in one day a week. This course has been great to have the opportunity to take it abroad because we learn about the aspects of entering an international market in an international setting. We also got to do a site visit to Eataly, which is an international company that started in Italy. In this class, we also heard to guest speakers and how they spoke of how they market to international consumers. The best part is we do not have classes on Friday’s, so it is a long weekend every week! Overall, taking classes abroad has been a great learning environment and has also expanded my knowledge of the Italian culture.