Hello Cultural Competency!

Soft skills, hard skills. Recruiters want them, we got them.  This program has been an amazing opportunity to grow both my personal and professional skills. 

            In the sense of my internship at the digital marketing agency, I have had the chance to develop my skills in a new and exciting environment. The soft skills that I have been developing has been tolerance, understanding, quick thinking, and teamwork. While at my internship, I learned important lessons from my boss about what it’s like to work with a wide variety of clients and help their special needs. I learned its important to listen to the client and work with them, while also bringing our opinions and expertise. Even when ideas were rejected by the clients (and good ideas if I do say so myself), I learned from my boss to never get frustrated,  always move forward, and take everything as a learning experience. Some hard skills I got to really practice was graphic design (something I have no formal training in), organization, time management, remote work, and what it’s like to collaboratively brainstorm. 

            I have also had the experience to grow my hard and soft skills in a cultural competency  sense. I was able to learn many things while living in Italy. I picked up on the language, learned to navigate, and learned to be able to get things that I needed in an entirely new environment. On the soft end: what haven’t I learned? In my opinion, I have significantly grown as a person and my baseline understanding of how the world works. I tested myself and went through hardships, but in the end I seen more than I ever have, and most importantly: I have learned from it.