¡Hasta pronto, Madrid!

My name is Evan Migliozzi and I just finished my sophomore year at the University of Pittsburgh. I am in the College of Business Administration, concentrating in marketing with a minor in Spanish and certificate in sports management. I am interested in marketing because I believe I have a creative mindset and strong communication skills. I believe these attributes will help me tremendously as I venture into my first official internship. My interest in the Spanish language began several years ago at the beginning of high school. When I studied Spanish throughout high school and into college, I became so interested in learning about culture in Latin America and Spain. I have always wanted to experience it first-hand, and now I have the chance this summer in Madrid. My love for sports started at a very young age. Growing up in a sports town like Pittsburgh and being spoiled by generational talents over the years, it was inevitable that I would find a passion in the industry. I hope to combine all three of these interests in a job someday, and the IIP opportunity is a great way of merging my personal and professional interests. To introduce myself, I love to travel and explore new cultures. I understand that the internship is the main focus of the IIP program, but I believe the rest of the time spent, whether it be exploring different cities , hiking in nearby mountains, or even just chatting in a coffee shop with locals, are great ways to dive into Spanish culture as a foreigner. I have never had the privilege of visiting Europe. In fact, I have only been outside the United States one time in my life, so I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to gain a new perspective. The various cultural differences between the United States and Spain may be difficult to adjust to, but I know it will be beneficial to me as it will open my eyes to new ideas and attitudes.

On the morning of May 11th, I will be arriving in Madrid, Spain for the International Internship Program. I chose the IIP in Madrid for a variety of reasons. I believed this program would offer me an invaluable professional experience while simultaneously offering complete immersion into Spanish culture. My minor in Spanish was the main motive for choosing the Madrid location. I look forward to challenging myself each day in an attempt to improve my ability to speak the language clearly. I know that my everyday interactions with my host family, coworkers, and locals will allow me to achieve this. Another reason I chose the IIP is because I will achieve a professional work experience that simply cannot be offered in a classroom setting. I look forward to diving into the world of business in a new setting, putting to test the skills I have learned inside the classroom. 

I will be working for a company called La Casita de Inglés, a school where young children learn English as a second language. I will be working in the marketing department in an attempt to grow this relatively new company. Some of my everyday duties will include various online digital tasks, web development, and customer relationship management. 

Although this position isn’t exactly what I had in mind, I know I will enjoy employing many foundational skills of marketing, such as communication, strategizing, and problem-solving. This experience may open my eyes to possible career paths that I had not previously considered. 

I will develop personally by overcoming adversity and handling any doubts or concerns in a calm manner. I will undoubtedly face several obstacles during my time in Madrid. I will also develop tremendously because of this trip, as I will undoubtedly face several obstacles during my time in Madrid. l will surely make mistakes in my internship role and when speaking to locals. However, I will seek to turn these mistakes, and any unplanned circumstances that arise during my trip, into learning opportunities and moments of personal growth. By learning how to conquer my fears and doubts, I will build character in ways I have not previously experienced.  

Finally, all the personal lessons I learn from this trip will carry over into my professional life. In future endeavors or moments of adversity, I will be able to look back at this experience and take comfort knowing that I have been down a similar path of uncertainty and new challenges before. This experience abroad is a perfect way of preparing for what’s ahead. I look forward to gaining this critical international experience that will serve me greatly in my future.

Overall, I am very excited for this opportunity, and I look forward to sharing my experiences in a weekly blog post.