On air in 3, 2, 1…

This summer I am working at a radio station of which will compliment my Public & Professional Writing and French majors. Radio RCJ is a radio station that was founded in 1981 in Paris, France. It was mainly created to unify and serve the Jewish-French community through its broadcasts about the Jewish faith. Despite the fact that the majority of  listeners are Jewish, Radio RCJ strives to discuss numerous enlightening topics ranging from culture to politics to entertain a larger audience with varying backgrounds.

Today, was the first day of my internship at Radio RCJ! The team was extremely welcoming which made me feel as though I was apart of their family from the start. The first day was an introduction to the team, office, and studio. In other words, I was introduced to ten other team members and had the opportunity to tour the office of where my French colleagues and I would be working, as well as the studio. The studio was exceptionally interesting because I was able to listen in on the live broadcasts and understand the way the morning shows were organized!

Although I mostly observed the first day, I learned a lot about the skills and competencies that are necessary for this particular industry. I have noticed that by demonstrating you are an exceptional communicator you will be able to achieve almost anything in this industry. This means, that in order to be successful you must practice professional written and oral communication. For example, one of my colleagues who works as a sound technician at Radio RCJ, did not properly hear the instructions emphasized by our boss at our morning meeting. Later on in the day our boss realized that something went wrong on live television and that it might have been the fault of the technician because he might not have asked the boss for clarification. In this situation I learned about the importance of professional oral communication and collaboration especially when working with a team. In other words, without oral communication or, in this case clarification, many things may go wrong which might not only affect you, but your colleagues and company as well. Furthermore, I learned the importance of professional written communication. I realized that the entire day my boss or fellow colleagues were either sending emails, writing scripts and biographies about special guests, or creating schedules that all needed the knowledge of professional writing. This industry relies on both professional written and oral communication and I believe internships like these will help you better those skills. It was only my first day and I genuinely think I had advanced professionally!

In terms of qualities, it is important to be an extremely energetic, social, and driven person if you want to pursue a career in journalism. Most of my colleagues were extremely social because most of them already knew that this quality is important to have in this industry. It is important to be social because you might have to make more than one phone call or email to get in touch with a guest that you might want to invite. For example, my boss today mentioned that she had called the guest that she wanted to invite twice, for Friday’s show. He had not been answering her calls which was making her nervous. She decided get in touch with someone else that was within his immediate circle in order to find a way to reach him–in the end she successfully reached him! In this industry you also have to be incredibly driven. I noticed that most of my colleagues have to read and research information about their guests or about the topic of the day in order to be confident in their knowledge, some even have to work outside of the office.

I believe that I learned a lot even though it was my first day of the internship. I was a little nervous going into it, but I became more comfortable after I learned about the skills, competencies, and attitudes that are important to have when looking to pursue a career in journalism. I think I have so much more to learn and practice to become truly comfortable within my own industry. For example, I want to learn about how exactly is everything decided before a live broadcast etc. Overall, I am happy about the internship that I have, thankful for my wonderful coworkers, and most of all excited that I am in such a wonderful city learning an amazing language!