Settling in the city of Berlin

What a week it has been.  Everyone from IIP Berlin arrived Tuesday and it has been nonstop since then.  Britta from Intrax has been taking us all around Berlin and if I had to pick one thing that really stood out it was the Humboldt Forum.  I cannot stress enough that this was one of the most interesting and well done exhibits I have ever visited.  It was an interactive experience where users had to make challenging decisions between two prompts about a serious societal issue before entering the next room.  Then at the end of the exhibit you were given a trait based on the decisions you made which I found fascinating.  The exhibit itself covered much of Germany’s history over the past 100-200 years primarily which was great as I really feel I learned a lot.  Another thing I will highlight is how accessible the forum was as there were options for both deaf and blind people to experience different portions of the exhibit.

I am working in primarily the advertising and publishing industries.  As companies continue to advertise their products or services we are continuing to see a crossover between both industries.  Given that advertising is seen through publishers such as newspapers for example we see publishers serving as the home for advertisers to sell their goods.  With that it is important to focus on the strengths in improving the skills and strategies of advertising more so than publishing as advertising is responsible for the content being pushed out to the targeted audience.  

When considering necessary strengths or skills to be successful in these industries it is absolutely crucial to determine your company’s target audience.  It could be argued as the most important aspect of strategy for advertising as you ultimately need to reach your desired audience otherwise the content you are producing will not be utilized as effectively as possible.  Another important skill is creating a funnel when crafting advertisements.  The funnel serves as a way to create a low   barrier entry for your audience with the initial ad, and this leads to some form of follow up from your viewers.  The goal is to lead your desired viewers to the final destination whether that is the company’s website or another platform of some sort, but this can also be translated to leading your target audience to have an enriching interaction with your company.  Understanding the needs of your target audience is another important skill for both advertising and publishing.  This is because your company needs to adhere to its consumers otherwise you will lose your current consumers along with having troubles expanding your audience.  Furthermore, your company can set themselves head and shoulders above your competitors for simply understanding your consumers needs.  An example worth noting is Amazon as there is arguably no other company which caters to their customers best.  There are certainly differences in the industries from Amazon to plista, but it is still important to understand the power of working towards your consumers’ needs.

 A more general competency needed in advertising specifically is creating results-driven goals.  If this is not considered it is challenging to measure any quantified success in the ads one creates which may be a reason companies do not focus on ads or specifically marketing.  Failing to do so will limit a company’s ability to effectively expand its target audience or capture new consumers within their target audience to begin with.  

Specific to Germany along with any country a company is in it is crucial to both understand and acknowledge the cultural differences within your company’s location.  For example, Germans appreciate order, attention to detail, and very expansive directions for tasks along with other things.  This is important to apply when creating ads for your company’s Berlin location as this goes back to meeting your consumers’ needs as mentioned earlier.  A difference in this can be noted in a US company as Americans are not nearly as detail oriented as Germans, therefore your ads need to be different depending on where your company is located.  Another competency pertaining to Germany is meeting determined deadlines agreed upon from both parties whenever an agreement to do business is made.  Germans appreciate and highly value staying true to their word, so by breaking promises such as a deadline made in advance will hurt your company’s reputation.  This ties back to the broader understanding of a country’s culture such as Germany, but nonetheless is important to address when talking about specific competencies that relate to the country.

view from window in Humboldt Forum looking out towards infamous cell tower
One of the buildings of Humboldt University
View from the top of Taz newspaper building