Getting settled in London

Matthew Tate Whalen Jr

Blog post number 1

Monday May 23, 2022

            I decided to write this post as early in advance as possible because I wanted to write about my feelings pertaining to my internship prior to starting; I would like this post as a benchmark to be able to look back upon and compare it to how I feel after I start this Wednesday. I am working at a hedge fund named IUR Capital, Today I was given the main project that I will be working on for my internship and I feel incredibly overwhelmed. The project I have is to go through each firm and find a reliable person of contact so that my firm can contact them and try to tap them as potential clients. I was given three excel sheets with over two thousand firms on each, and my supervisor said that this project will take me around six weeks (the entire duration of my stay). Since I am working towards my finance and computer science degree, I am going to use my computer science knowledge and try to build a program to help take a bit of the load off my shoulders. I want to make the program I develop applicable to other things that my boss might need to do so he could use the program again and again in the future. As nervous as I might feel now, I am also eager to begin, Yesterday, I did a mock commute to see how long it would take me to get to my internship location and to make sure I knew which tube lines and stations I needed to utilize. 

            I also want to write about my first week or so in London and how I have been doing/feeling with the adjustment. The first night was incredibly hard; I was up for around 38 hours and completely sleep deprived. When I hit the bed, I instantly had a panic attack, Fortunately I have had hundreds and I knew it was because how delirious I was that day. Since the first day it has been nothing less than fantastic. I have found this city to be stunning the fact that I can go to a pub that is almost a thousand years old is mind blowing, back in the states it was almost unheard of if a place was open for more than a hundred years. The sight-seeing tour was probably my favorite part of the trip so far, other than the drinking age being 18. While I was on the tour, I was making a list in my mind of which places I want to go visit more in depth. So far I have already booked tours in Big Ben, The walkie talkie building, and the London Eye (which comes with a boat tour). I know I have only been here for a few days but I am incredibly excited to see what more this trip has instore for me because I know this is only the beginning.