Starting the Internship

While in London, I am taking part in an internship. This internship will be six weeks long. The company that I am working for is called Creoate. The office is just a 25 minute walk from my apartment. I will be in the office two days a week and will be virtual for three days. Creoate is a startup, as they are only a couple of years old. What they specialize in is being a wholesale marketplace. They work primarily with small to medium size businesses in order to help those businesses fill their shelves. They do not work with any multinational corporations. At Creoate, I am in their operations department. My job is to look through data on the company’s shipping operations. I am looking to find any inefficiencies that slow down the company’s shipments and raise costs. I look for ways to cut costs and eliminate any other issues so shipping can run as smoothly and as cost efficient as possible. Together, with my supervisor, we look for possible solutions to these problems in operations. I would say that I have had a positive experience so far in my internship. I was pretty much just thrown into the fire to start my internship. I was just handed these spreadsheets and told to go to work. I was so confused and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I also figured that I did really well with Microsoft Excel in class so I would be able to handle any Excel that I was given. I was dead wrong, as my first day proved. The combination of not understanding the data or what it meant combined with the inability to properly manage Excel led to disaster. I was very lost on my first day, which happened to make it worse and just compounded the issue. My work was absolutely terrible, even for a first time intern. The next day happened to be online so I was able to use google to improve on my Excel skills. I asked more questions and slowly but surely my work started to improve. Since then I feel like I have been doing a much better job with my work. Thursday, I attended my first office party which was a going away party for one of my co-workers. It was very interesting to interact in this social environment with all my co-workers that I hardly know, but it was still a good time. Overall, this experience so far has been very positive besides a few early speed bumps, and it is something that I can learn from and take with me throughout my career.