Settling into Florence

Hello everyone! My name is Maren Prann, I am from West Chester, Pennsylvania (outside of Philadelphia), and I am a rising Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am a Marketing major and I am pursuing my Spanish minor and International Business certificate as well. Some of my personal interests include dancing, fashion, discovering and listening to different types of music, watching movies, and volunteering with children (I am a camp counselor at home and it’s my favorite thing ever). I am mainly involved in Alpha Delta Pi sorority at Pitt as the Greek Sing captain, Fashion Business Association as the Vice President and Camp Kesem as a member, but hoping to earn a position this fall. I had never been to Europe before this trip or traveled without a group, but I have been successful so far and gained lots of confidence in knowing I can handle any situation that comes at me. Additionally, I love meeting new people and forming lasting bonds, so it has been a dream come true to become friends with all of my roommates from different universities and hearing all about their various college experiences. I am totally a schedule oriented person so letting go and going with the flow has been a challenge, but going on spontaneous day trips or weekend vacations to Rome, Venice, Siena, Milan, Lake Como (and hopefully more to come), singing karaoke in front of hundreds of strangers, and finding a new restaurant, gelateria, or vintage clothing store each day has been so much fun. One of my favorite things I have been doing is going on walks alone during my breaks between classes and letting myself get lost in a space away from the city center I am so used to and immersing myself fully.

I am here for the Global Business Institute Program and I thought it would a perfect fit for me knowing my classes would both interest me and also work well into my goal of earning the International Business Certificate at Pitt. I am taking International Economics and the class only has five other students so we get to interact and discuss the topics together rather than be lectured at which has been so helpful for me to digest the material. I am also taking Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Florence which is a larger class size of around 25, but I have been loving walking around new places I would not naturally find and learning the intricate history of the city with such a knowledgable guide. My professors are so educated on every little detail and I already feel like I have learned a lifetime of information in just one week of instruction. My family is visiting me towards the end of this program and I definitely want to be able to show them all of my favorite places and have many stories to tell them and sound intelligent while doing so!

PrannM02- A few of my roommates and me in Siena on the CAPA provided day trip
PrannM03- Me and one of my roommates at St. Peters Square in Vatican City on a weekend trip to Rome
PrannM04- Some of my roommates and me at the Welcome dinner at Palazzo Borghese provided by CAPA
PrannM05- Pasta is one of my favorite foods and I have been eating the best meals of my life here