Summer in Dublin

Hi everyone! My name is Lucy Bornhorst and I am a rising senior majoring in History and Political Science with certificates in Global Studies and Arabic Language and Linguistics. Outside of class, I am involved in the Political Science Student Association, Phi Alpha Theta (history honors fraternity), and I am president of the Girls’ Club Water Polo Team. I previously served on the Executive Board for the water polo team and I am excited to lead the team to (hopefully) reaching our goal of attending Nationals.  I am originally from Chicago, IL and I love being in the city so I am excited to explore Dublin and all it has to offer. When I’m not exploring or traveling, you can usually find me reading a new book or watching a movie.

I found my love for history from reading books and watching movies. Growing up my favorites were always those “Based on a True Story” because it always amazed me that these dramatic events had happened in real life. They also always led to a research binge as I tried to figure out what was true and what was dramatized for the movie. My interest in politics came a little later as I didn’t realize how much politics affected my life until high school. While history has been my main focus, majoring in politics has led me to a better understanding of how the world works, particularly in my field of study: International Peace, Conflict, and Security. Looking at how civil wars evolved and ended in history helps us to understand current civil wars so the two are intertwined. As for global studies and Arabic, I’ve always loved to travel and wanted an international component to my degree which in turn required a language. I chose Arabic as a way to challenge myself and because of the roles its speakers play in current international affairs. I’ve really enjoyed learning the language along with some of the culture and I hopefully will continue my studies independently after graduation.

After graduation I plan to attend graduate school with a focus on history with the plan to pursue a career working in a museum. This past year I was able to work in the University of Pittsburgh’s Archives and Special Collections and that experience helped me to realize that I wanted to do something similar for my career. I really enjoyed looking at the different collections and working to make them available for research, however there was something missing. I felt that all the work I was doing, while still very important, was geared towards scholars and researchers. I am interested in having a larger collection to the public which is what led me to look at curation and archivists at a museum as a potential career. In the fall semester I plan to take an “Inside the Museum” class to further explore this field as a potential career and this internship will give me a little preview of what we will explore in the class. Both this internship and the class in the fall will help me determine what exactly I want to do in the future.

When choosing a university, I knew I wanted to study abroad and Pitt had many opportunities which was part of the reason I decided to go. My parents both travelled frequently before they were married and they’ve always talked about how much they loved it. Originally I planned to study abroad over a semester but because of Covid, I didn’t want to give up another semester in Pittsburgh. I was also interested in doing an internship this summer so I chose this program because it gave me the best of both worlds. Ireland was my first choice because I have a personal connection and I’ve always wanted to visit. I wanted to use this internship as an opportunity to assess if working in a museum was what I want out of a career. My placement at the Edward Worth Library is perfect for me as it gives me the opportunity to work on curation of an exhibition in a smaller setting. I am looking forward to using the abilities I’ve learned through my job at the University of Pittsburgh archives while also gaining new skills and more work experience. Personally, I was to continue to work on my ability to adapt to new circumstances because it is an important skill and life and something I can always improve on. I am excited to meet new people and experience new things. I can’t wait to experience Ireland and all it has to offer.