First Week of Work

            This previous week I started my internship at IUR Capital, a hedge fund/ advisory firm. When I went into the office for the first day my boss wasn’t the one who came to greet me but rather my co-worker. He showed me around the office and my desk which is right in the middle of the trading floor. When I walked into the trading floor, I saw six or so trading stations, but my co-worker explained to me that it was just him my boss and I working there. I then got situated at my desk and waited patiently for my boss to come in; at first, I thought he was late, but I was told that he trades on the American stock exchanges, so he does not come in until it opens. When time for lunch rolled around my co-worker offered to show me around the neighborhood for places to eat and I just asked him to send me in the direction of the best sushi place he knows of. That is where my love of Itsu started. I was blown away by the way that they had this place set up you just walk up to the bar, grab a platter, scan it on your phone, pay, and walk out. When I got back my co-worker showed me the beginnings of how to trade options which is something I really want to get the hang of while working at this firm as I believe it is incredibly applicable to what I want to do for a career. 

            At around 1 or so my boss came in and my anxiety shot through the roof when he called me into his office. After a few minutes or so my nerves were gone, my boss made me feel incredibly welcome and talked to me like I wasn’t just an intern. After talking the formalities, family, travel, etc.; he explained my project in depth which is when I got my first tase of Bloomberg which was the most daunting computer program I have ever looked at. He proceeded to explain a lot about it and now I feel decently competent for a beginner. He showed me how to find and export to excel a list of 13f filers for individual securities (13f is a form that discloses holdings for firms with more than 50M AUM). My task was after I exported the list I needed to go firm by firm and make a point of contact for that firm, essentially making a list of potential clients that we would send out invites to our monthly webinars which explain the options strategies the firm exercises. After about 20 minutes of being left alone to work on this, my boss called me back into his office where I got my first tase of being an intern when he asked me to go get him a tea from the Starbucks down the street. I did almost everything right, but I forgot he asked for a double cup which was mainly for me to not burn my hands, which I did. The next two days when he asked me to get the same thing I didn’t forget. Overall my first week was excellent I could 100% see myself working in a place like this for the rest of my life, I have never been so motivated in my life.