Exploring Hackney Wick

It is halfway through week two here in London and today I decided to go on an adventure by myself. For my exploring London class, we had to pick a neighborhood to go explore, and then we would write an essay and present on our neighborhood showing aspects of a global city. Based on the title of this blog, I chose Hackney Wick.

I took three trains to get to my destination. When I arrived at the Hackney Wick station, I was met with an abundance of street art. Which I expected since I picked this neighborhood because I wanted to see street art. The experience I had in Hackney Wick was very stress-free, which was surprising. Being here in London, I’ve been getting very overwhelmed easily. Usually, there are people everywhere in the tube station and everywhere on the streets. When I was in Hackney Wick, the foot traffic was very minimal. This could be because I went at 11 am on a Wednesday. However, this was a great break from what I usually experience.

The first thing I did when I arrived was walked around outside the tube station. I heard music in the distance, and there weren’t any sounds of a busy city. I enjoyed my quiet walk where I saw art basically on every building in sight. Then, I made my way to Victoria Park.

Street Art close to Hackney Wick tube station
Street art under a bridge

Victoria Park had a similar stress-free atmosphere, but it was different from the initial sight of Hackney Wick. There wasn’t any graffiti-style art in the park. I only saw two murals, whereas, by the tube, there were hundreds of art pieces. This showed me that there is a certain separation between nature and street art, in the sense that the park should remain untouched.

A pond in Victoria Park

To end my day, I made my way over to where the Olympics were hosted in London. This was a quick change to tourism, consumerism, stores everywhere, a big mall with many floors, and a lack of graffiti-style art. I was back in an overwhelming and stressful environment.

London Stadium: where the Olympics were hosted

Seeing these three different parts of Hackney Wick showed me that there are a lot of different experiences that coexist in small neighborhoods. You will get a different experience from different parts of Hackney Wick. Overall, I had a good day and I’m proud of myself for taking an independent adventure to a new place.

To end this week’s blog, I will touch on my high of this week, my low of this week, and what I’m looking forward to. My high of this week was today in Hackney Wick. I feel as if this was a personal achievement for me to help with my independence and anxiety. My low of this week was that we didn’t go to the Victoria and Albert Museum, but I’m sure I will try to go in the following weeks. Lastly, I’m looking forward to a peaceful Saturday of thrifting with some of my roommates.  

Thank you for reading and see you next week!