The London Life

Hi! My name is Siya Patel and I am from Fairfax, Virginia which is about 20 minutes outside of DC. I am a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration majoring in accounting and pursuing a certificate in international business and data analytics. At Pitt I am a member of Chi Omega and just finished my position as the organization’s marketing director which involved managing the organization’s social media and promoting our events and started my position on the executive board as the treasurer this year.

As I was making the important decision of picking the right college for me as a senior in high school, one of the reasons I chose Pitt was because of its GBI program to study abroad. Originally, I wanted to study for a semester through the GBI program but then came across the GBI: International Business Issues and the City of London which is only conducted during the summer. It includes an accounting class taught by a Pitt professor in London and site visits with companies around the city once a week. What also caught my eyes was the ability to find an internship abroad while taking the accounting class. Being able to intern with a company really shows what the work life in London is like in addition to having to commute and dress professionally every day, like everyone else who works in London, giving us the opportunity to understand the work life here. During my six weeks in London, I am interning at Keith Vaudrey & Co. which is an accounting firm in Kensington about a 40 minute commute from my apartment. London is a main business hub and the international business Issues and the city of London course only helps us learn more by taking us on tours and giving us the opportunity to speak to higher executives from those companies.

Not only is this a once in a life time opportunity, but from my first week here I have already learned so much about the British culture by being able to work and attend class during the weekdays and explore the city and its surroundings on the weekends. I quickly realized that London is more than just the Buckingham Palace, the Royal Family and the London Bridge… It is filled with many different cultures, cuisines from all over the world, and different neighborhoods each with its own atmosphere and so much to offer. In short, it is a city that is busy and vibrant at the same time.

My goal while I am in this picturesque city is to not only explore and immerse myself in its diverse culture but also to make connections for my future professional endeavors. I am excited to explore all that London has to offer in the next few weeks.