Seeing more of Germany

As we finish out this past week in Berlin, I have many more adventures to share. During the week I continued to explore the city and find new spots. As a group we again went to our favorite food market for dinner on Thursday night. I think the reason we all love it so much is because we get to try a different type of food every trip we go. I have also been going for walks during my lunch breaks at work to find new restaurants to try. This week I found a really good dumpling stand about a 5-minute walk from my office. It was nice to get out of the office and spend some time in the sun during lunch. I also decided to make a weekend trip to Dresden. I took the train, and it was about a 2 hour ride which was really nice. We got to Dresden late Friday night and had some trouble getting to the Airbnb because the trains and buses in Dresden do not run as frequently as they do in Berlin. Once we finally reached the Airbnb, we meet our host who was wonderful, and she set us up with a great room for the weekend. On Saturday we spent most of the day exploring the city and seeing the beautiful sights. My favorite place we saw was the Zwinger Palace. It was filled with amazing architecture and great history. We were able to speak with a local who explained to us what happened to the city during WW2, and how most of the city was destroyed during the war and how the people have worked to rebuild it. The next day we went to a near-by lake and spent the day relaxing on the beach and enjoying the great weather. We left on Monday morning because it was a national holiday in Berlin. On our trip back the bus company messed up our tickets and we couldn’t get on original bus. After we fixed our tickets, we were able to have nice 2-hour ride back to Berlin.

On Friday we had a community event at my office where all members of the co-working space were invited to join. This week’s event revolved around making our office greener by planting new plants inside and outside the office. I was able to help organize this event and volunteered to go with others to a garden center and pick out plants to bring back for the group. I really enjoyed this because I do have some experience working in garden centers so I was able to provide some insight on what plants might work best. I also got to spend some time with some co-workers that I normally do not see all that often in the office and got to know them better which was awesome. During the event many people came, and I was able to explain to all of them what our goal was and why we wanted to do this. Overall it was a great event for everyone.

Work has been good recently I am becoming very familiar with the day-to-day operations of ImpactHub and have been getting close with many of my co-workers. I have experienced some uncertainty and unclear directions while at work. The beauty of ImpactHub is they allow their employees to be relatively free in when and where they work from. But that also makes communication a little tricky. Typically, my bosses give me a set of tasks to accomplish for a set of days and we have frequent check in meetings throughout the week to make sure that I am still on track. It has gone smoothly for the most part but there have been a couple times throughout the last few weeks where I found myself confused and a little lost, and there haven’t been many people in the office. To combat this, I have tried my best to maintain a strong line of communication either in person or through online mediums such as emails or slack our in-office communication platform. This has been helpful. For the most part I have been able to stay on the right track with my work even though my co-workers are often working from many different places. I also see myself as someone who is willing to look at problem through a creative lens and think outside of the box to find answers when situations are unclear. This is something my co-workers admire about me I think, and it has been very helpful in unclear situations.