FRC Site Visit

            This week my Survey of International Business Issues and the City of London accounting class got to visit the FRC which is the Financial Reporting Council. My site lead partner and I had given a presentation on the FRC to our class and going in I felt as if I knew most aspects of what the council does; I was pleasantly surprised by how much I didn’t know and in turn how much more I learned from visiting. As a finance and computer science major, I thought that most of the tour would pertain more to my accounting major peers. When I mentioned that I was on a computer science track the hosts seemed very intrigued and told me that I would be interested in the data aspect of what they do. I really appreciated them making a point of showing me an aspect that was in relation to my studies when it differs so much from my peers.

            The hosts were incredibly prepared for us, a regular presentation would have sufficed if they just ran through it. Rather they took the time to get a massive pad of paper out and go through what types of companies they deal with, in what ways they can set standards/rules, and when they can take enforcement action. All three of the hosts had something to add to the table in terms of information to convey to us and everything seemed rehearsed as if it mattered as much to them as it did my peers and me. 

            I would also like to touch briefly how stunning the office building was, it was genuinely one of the most beautiful office spaces I have ever seen the view we got to see during the break was nothing less than breathtaking. I felt like the hosts were very appreciative that we were coming to listen to what they do. The conference room being set up with pens, paper, our own water, and the name tags; proved that point even further. Having the hosts able to call you by your name made me feel like I was important to them. I wish we were able to Andrew his terrible towel although I know he will receive one in the near future. During the break we discussed topics like sports, more specifically the steelers, we talked about the university, and I was glad I was able to offer some information in return for all they gave us. I told him about how I am able to go to the games at Heinz so frequently, he seemed to appreciate when I told him one of the main motivating factors for going to Pitt was an effort to keep my dad from selling our season tickets to the Steelers. The FRC is one of the best places I have had the pleasure of visiting during my trip, I am incredibly thankful for our gracious hosts who took the time out of their day to give us a run down about what they do and why they do it. 

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