My Travels

Vincent DiMartino

One of the major benefits of being in London, is that you are just a stone’s throw away from the rest of Europe. Europe has so much to offer in terms of culture and life, from the art museums in Paris to the beautiful islands that are a part of Greece. While in London, first, it was imperative to actually explore the U.K first. As a part of the CAPA program, we took a trip to Stonehenge and Bath, England. I felt that Stonehenge was actually very boring. It is just a bunch of big stones, and usually I’m a big history person, but I didn’t particularly care about that history. There is just so much unknown and it doesn’t directly connect with today. However, Bath was really incredible. There were so many shops and restaurants lined throughout these old historical streets. It was a really pretty site to see and the city was just so lively. Overall, it was definitely a trip that was worth the time, even if it was mandated by CAPA. 

The weekend after, I took a trip to Geneva, Switzerland. I stayed for two nights, Friday and Saturday. The flight was very short and easy, only an hour and a half in the air. I really loved the city, especially along Lake Geneva. It is really pretty as the city is tucked in between the mountains while being on the shores of the lake. Public transportation in the city is free, but it isn’t always reliable. However, my hotel was a little further out so to get into the city center was a little bit of a hassle. Once you get to the center of the city, the views are amazing. The sun glistens off the lake. It was a once in a lifetime view. Walking through the city center was also amazing. Seeing all the old buildings and the cobblestone streets was a great site, it was very European. Overall, it was a very fun trip, and I would love to go back again if given the chance. 

Being in London is a very unique opportunity. It gives me a chance to explore London, and to pivot and explore the rest of Europe too. Next week I plan on going to Milan, which I am really excited about.