Stepping Out of What is Comfortable

An exciting week in the books! I mean this literally after I visited the Book of Kells and Trinity College’s stunning library. My friends and I also got a taste of home when we saw Waitress the Musical at the Bor Gais theatre after work on Wednesday. It was very entertaining to hear British actors portraying Americans from the south with their accents accidentally slipping out as they sang. On Saturday we ventured out on a day trip to Belfast where we went to St. George’s Market (happy to report I did not spend too much, but I did get a stunning water color painting of the exterior of the building) and the Titanic Museum. It was fascinating to learn about all the complexities and grueling labor required of the thousands of Irish men that helped in the building of the magnificent boat. When we got home that evening it was only appropriate that we watched the 1997 Titanic movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Saying “yes” and remembering the opportunities in front of me while I am studying abroad is constantly at the forefront of my mind. I have been filled with excitement and anticipation buying plane and train tickets for trips around Ireland and the rest of Europe, eager to explore and learn as much as I can. Never again will I be able to travel to places like Galway and Belfast with so much casualness and ease as when I am studying in Dublin.

Although important to make the most of this experience, there is an equally important responsibility for me to take care of myself and prioritize my mental health whenever needed. Finding this balance, in addition to the working full time and taking on exciting projects in an internship during the week, is crucial through the use of appropriate time management and prioritizing various needs and tasks each day.

During the workweek, adequate sleep is a non-negotiable. When I get home from work I like to make dinner, scroll through Tik Tok for a little bit (another non-negotiable), watch Love Island with my roommates, and go to bed by 10:30. If I do not get enough sleep I am incredibly grouchy and moody and might have to work a little harder to get my tasks completed to their full potential.

I value a sense of routine and am happy that I am becoming acquainted with Dublin transportation as I commute to and from work each day. In the work place itself, I noticed that everyone at Intrepid Spirits is relaxed about the times in which they start and end their days. This is because there is an immense sense of trust that everyone will get their work done. I am personally not used to not having structure in my day and like to be told where I need to be and what needs to be done by a specific time. To help create a sense of structure, I enjoy taking breaks in my day to signify daily self-assigned deadlines for my projects or research tasks given by my supervisor. When I take these breaks, like for lunch or to use the fancy coffee machine in the kitchen, I can break up my day into sections, but also have the opportunity to make small talk with co-workers. I tend to be quiet, reserved, and generally keep to myself, so I try very hard to reach out to my boss with updates and questions, even if it still makes me uncomfortable at the moment, as well as make any friendly conversation with those I interact with. Today I even said “hello” to a nice man while I was fetching a glass of water for myself only to find out later that he was the CEO who just flew in for the week from California.

I can already tell that I will need to develop a strong sense of confidence and self-advocacy to ensure I am kept busy at work, but am also spread too thin. Two of the heads of the marketing department have been on holiday, and in such a small company, this can lead to chaos for the remaining members of the department. I am eager to take on tasks and participate in exciting projects, but am also prepared to ask for more and think outside the box when there are slower days with not as much to do.

Whatever the days or weeks will bring, I am thrilled to see where this experience can take me and how much I can grow as an individual, student in business, and a global citizen!