Working in Dublin

This second week has been amazing because I am moving out of the adjustment period more and more. Instead, I am starting to feel more at ease and able to get around a little bit easier on my own. Dublin I’ve realized is very lively, most hours of the day, and the sun is out for almost 20 hours each day, making the days feel longer. This past week I finally got to see my office and meet my coworkers. I also took a day trip to Belfast with my roommates and friends from the program and we were able to explore a new city for a day. We visited the Titanic museum there, Saint George’s Market, the Cathedral Quarter, and walked along the beautiful port on the River Lagan. We’ve also come to appreciate the pub and nightlife of Dublin a lot more and have been able to try and be a part of the community here. Listening to live music and local singers, meeting new people, and trying new drinks and food in different places. I feel like I am transitioning to a more comfortable position in the city and starting to feel more like I am living here especially as my time at my internship progresses. I’m looking forward to visiting more places throughout the country and learning from my coworkers and building relationships.

Within my internship, I am not given very many hard deadlines because it is still early on and they are still adjusting to having me in the office. For now, I have been given broader tasks such as brainstorming social media ideas for Tiktok and Instagram. This week I will be making Tiktoks and researching what the best sounds and trends to use are so we can gain as many eyes as possible on the site. I also was given some prompts to write blog posts about, which would be posted to the company’s website for the benefit of other undergraduate students, such as writing a resume and using LinkedIn. This week I am also assisting in calling and emailing students to remind them of the deadline that is coming up on Friday. The time to submit for the competition closes on Friday and to push the last 1,000 papers to be submitted, it is easiest to contact the students directly. I will be working through contacting them and letting them know their application is still unfinished.

These tasks I was given are not on a set deadline therefore I feel as though I must keep myself accountable in finishing them in a timely manner. The social media work will be ongoing throughout the summer as well so it is hard to time manage this aspect of my job but I will make sure I am checking back on my ideas and seeing which ones would be best to propose to my coworkers as the summer continues. The blog posts are like this as well since they need to be edited by the communications director, it is good to get them over to her as soon as I believe they are good enough to post and have her edit them. To time manage, I will be getting the more pressing tasks done first, like the contacting students since the deadline is approaching at the end of this week. But consistently staying up to date with the social media and other ongoing responsibilities is the extent of my managing my time when I am in the office. Throughout the summer I will be given more as projects come in or as it gets busier especially after all of the papers are submitted and we begin to plan the large event that happens every November.

Outside of work I have to use time management to make sure I am spending time for myself as well as the assignments and discussions every week. It is easy to get used to having fun every day and nonstop seeing things and trying new places and then forget to do some of the more menial tasks that are important. Setting aside time to reflect and be by myself has also been a priority because I really want to take in this experience and be able to learn each day so staying in tune with how I’m feeling is important.

I’m excited to continue to work for this company since it is going to get busier in the coming weeks. I want to learn more about using social media as a small non-profit company and how to expand a brand like this one. I also love getting to know my workers more and we’ve already been able to go out once as a group for pints and dinner.

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