Week Four Blog Post

This past week was probably my favorite week abroad so far, especially the weekend. I along with my roommates got to do a lot of things that, given our age, we would not be allowed to do back in America. On Friday two of my friends and I got to go to a casino for the first time. It was absolutely amazing the venue was beautiful it was an old theater that they turned into the largest casino in England. Back when it was a theater it hosted performances from Charlie Chaplain and other very famous performers. When we first got there, we ran kind of ran around like chickens with our heads cut off but once we were finally able to figure out how to get cash we got settled. At our first blackjack table we sat down with two Englishmen who insisted on buying us drinks and talking with us about America while we gambled. Seeing that these guys had stacks of ten-thousand-pound chips I was eager to talk to them. Once we realized how high the buy in was, we almost got up from the table but the guys we were with decided to just give us chips to gamble with, that was not only very generous of them, but really cool; I most likely would have never done something like that. After a few hands they asked if we wanted to go play some craps with them, but we decided to test our luck in roulette. At a certain point I was through about fifty-five of the sixty pounds I had withdrawn, but I went on an absolute rampage on the roulette table bringing my winnings up to around two hundred pounds. Considering I was the only one of my friends to come out positive the tube ride home was interesting. On Saturday we did the circle line pub crawl, which is twenty-seven pubs, one per each stop of the circle line. We all got to go to some really interesting pubs all over central London and meet some characters while we were there. We actually ran into a group doing the same pub crawl but in the opposite direction and they gave us some words of encouragement. By the time the last few pubs came up we had all gotten way closer as a group than before and that alone made the crawl worth it to me.             

The past week at work was also my best week so far, I was able to complete the project that my boss had given me, for the six weeks I am here, two weeks early so he decided to ramp up the importance of the work I am doing for him. My new project is to put together a proposal of cities in America for my supervisor to do a road show in an effort to bring in new clients. Before covid that was the main way they firm would bring in clients, and I get to put together the first post covid trip. I am starting to realize I am getting to the end of the program and that has been very bitter-sweet